At A Crossroad

The mask brigade:

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After all, we are just:

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Walk alone and carry a walking stick.

Our government is at a cross-road. A liberal conundrum.

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Let’s see. Corruption, or corruption, perhaps corruption. Which way should we go?

Image                                      Oh Lord, please give me direction.

Don’t matter. Canadians will buy into anything we do.

Masks do not work, or curtail Covid, so says a new study.

Masks work, curtails Covid, so says a new study.

WHO (Who?) visits China for 3 weeks but avoids Wuhan…like the plague. Remain in Beijing.

Curve was flattened months ago. Hospitals have not been overrun so why are we implementing draconian restrictions on our way of life and individual rights? What’s going on here folks?

100 new cases reported in BC. What isn’t answered or asked is “at what age, how many deaths?”

More people die of fentanyl laced drugs in BC in one month than total deaths from Covid 19. Over 500 deaths in the past 3 months alone.  What’s going on here folks? This is a major failure on the part of our health authorities. Yet no response.

Meanwhile day 80 of the continuous BLM riots in Portland. But the Blue Jays won over Baltimore!

Yes but I parred the 8th hole at Cowichan last week so life is good.

Happy mask day.


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