I Gotta Get To The Riot.

What do you think was the most effective learning method ever developed? That had the highest success rate in learning by indigenous, blacks, whites hispanic…urban, rural, inter-city…everyone, everywhere?

“Direct Instruction”

From a hands on survey conducted by the US, project “Follow Through” was conducted between 1967-1977 reaching over 200,000 students nationwide. Over $1B was spent. Other methods were introduced such as cognitive learning, learning when ready, discovery based…well, just about every other method the left wing education ideologue-heads could come up with.

“Direct Instruction”

This is not 1+1=11 because that feels good. Or 2+2=22 because you have no self esteem. No,no,no, 1+1=2;  2+2=4. Memorize you times table: 12×12 = 144 and on and on it goes. What occurred in 1812? Give me the dates of the US Civil War. No, not 2020 you ANTIFA idiot but 1861 – 1865. Basically its lessons are scripted and require choral response from students. It rejected the constructivist teaching methods of the time. It focused only on academic learning, drilling students on basic facts and skills. It won over all the others by a landslide.

By the way. The “Direct Instruction” result was buried because it did not fit the narrative of the left wing ideologue-heads at the time. It still is.

So there you have it. The next time some SJW says its okay if 3+3=33 because it feels good, tell him or her to go and &^%^ themselves then rhyme off the times tables. It’s like saying the Rosary. That in itself will freak them out.

See the source imageYour typical social justice warrior…teacher.

More from the Crap News Network (CNN):

CNN’s Chris Cillizza: Here’s Why Trump Is Calling The Protests ‘Riots’ (Hint: Because They’re Riots).

No! Political fodder, that’s why.

They’re not riots. Just some protestor’s picnic.

What a protest man. Man oh man, what a protest. Lovin it.

See the source imageHow I love being a protestor. Light me up man.

These protests are killing me:

See the source image

You know you are in trouble as a nation when one of your major political parties and news sources label these riots as protests by misunderstood social justice warriors.

And in Canada. Because we have to follow the US lead don’t ya know. We cannot seem to come up with our own form of protests. We are not original rioters.

No matter how you spin it, these people are anarchists, communists, thugs.

If this is representative of Black Lives Matter, count me out.

If this is symbolic of the left’s plan for the nation, any nation, count me out.

Trump will win by a landslide!

A SJW, BLM, Antifa’s worst nightmare.

Love this.

Sad News!

Disney announced today that their new film “Jet Black” (the BLM version of “Snow White”) has been canceled.

All 7 of the dwarfs (Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Sagger, Drive-By and Shank) refuse to sing “Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho!” because it offends the street walkers in their stables.

They also refuse to sing “It’s off to work we go!” because the very concept violates their religion and culture.

There ya have it. Role models for everyone.