United Nations Announces Who’s to Blame for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I agree.

‘Protesters’ Take Over a McDonald’s, Assault the Black Manager

It was the special sauce, lettuce, cheese man that did them in. Large fries matter dude.

Pandemic and riot survival guide Lesson #1: avoid all major cities like the plague, man.

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for brokering Israel / UAE Accord. No matter as no one on the right side of the political spectrum will ever win that prize. My bet goes to ole, er young, Greta.

In the last 24 hours 4 people in New York died from Covid related illnesses while 19 died from gun shot wounds. More masks please. Keep your distance and remember – wash them grimy little hands to keep that trigger finger clean.

Has this been worth it?

“More than 5.8 million Canadians have been tested. The total number of cases stood at 132,000 on Monday, or about 0.3 per cent of the population. Most of the cases (about 117,000) had safely recovered and only 6,500 were active. Of the 9,146 deaths since the pandemic started, almost all occurred during the early stages among elderly people, most in nursing facilities. Through August, fewer than 200 people died from COVID-19, well below the spring and summer rate when up to 200 people were dying every day. We are making progress, as the National Post’s Colby Cosh suggests elsewhere in these pages.

“Instead of an assessment of the effectiveness of these massive policy initiatives, Canadians and the rest of the world are being urged to prepare for more spending, more interventions and more government control over the economy. From top-level policy shapers in international agencies to bottom-up activists of all stripes — union leaders, green activists, municipal politicians, national politicians, climate scientists — everyone is scrambling to find ways to keep the pandemic policy machine humming along indefinitely.”

Code for more control of your life.

Standby for the great Canadian economic and social reset as will be announced in Trudough’s Sept 23rd Throne Speech – based on the UN and World Economic Forum’s policy for a global economic and social reset.

“Here in BC more legislation and absurd restrictions are coming into place, mainly in bars and restaurants. Background music is too loud. It must be turned down to a volume below normal conversation.

Who controls that? Oh yeah, and you must close by 10pm. Why? At 1005 you are at risk of getting or giving Covid?

It is all “muzak” to my ears. After all, if we couldn’t scare and control your lives with our Climate Change liturgy we will do it with this pandemic (UN policy guideline).

Rack em up Yoko


Imagine that. And no religion too: the UN’s unofficial global anthem.

Are we still a member of this thing?