United in Love

The Oregonian city of Portland is making it more difficult for its police department to arrest and charge Antifa and Black Lives Matter-aligned rioters who’ve set the city ablaze for over 100 days by banning both the police and business owners from using facial recognition technology.

Except for this guy:

See the source image                                   A known Antifa terrorist

BTW, 100 days and counting of continuous rioting. Not good for its tourist industry, except for this:

PORTLAND, OR—Facing tourism Armageddon due to the riots, the city of Portland has come up with an exciting new and novel way to attract tourists to their city. Visitors can now pay 5 dollars to throw tear gas at communist protesters. People from across the country are lining up to live their lifelong dreams of blasting dirty commies with tear gas. Gotta love it.

“Mon Dieu Tabernac,” a Quebecer was heard to say on reading this headline:

Tabernacle stolen from Ontario cathedral.

The tabernacle — the thing that was stolen here — holds the communion wafers. But the tabernacle is more than just a fancy bread box that keeps unleavened bread and decent wine. For Catholics, once the bread becomes consecrated by the priest, it undergoes the process of transubstantiation.

The thieves were probably hungry. No matter. Go to confession and all is forgiven.

The Oscars will require diversity quotas to win awards.

This years best picture:

See the source imageAnd winner of this years special effects.

With all the hatred out there…lest we forget:

See the source image

It wasn’t that long ago when all Americans were united, and most of the world was behind them.

On that day all lives mattered.

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday and remember…every life on this planet is a reflection of God, who made us in his image, in love…not hate…and not the other way around.

Worship the creator and not the creation.


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  1. Very very moving, how quickly people forget!!! Does it take a tragedy for people to be united.
    Keep up the good work John

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