The Kids Are Our Future

John Turner passed away at 91. Canada’s 17th PM albeit for a very short time. He stood in after Trudeau the 1st resigned. I liked him. Good looking man, well educated but a very humble and honest human being. If one remembers, Mulroney clobbered Turner in one of the debates of 1984, Mulroney delivered that famous knock-out line: “You had an option Sir…”

Turner had no credible response to that line. He stuttered, then stammered, then stumbled, then lost. It was all over for him.

R.I.P Mr. Turner.

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Goodbye to the “Silver Fox”

I just watched Netflix’s “Social Dilemma.” It is a terrifying documentary about the toxic combination of social media and surveillance capitalism — and how together they’re harming our lives and our society. That would be Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and all the rest of the social media family.

If you have young children you especially need to watch this. It is scary.

But this generation is not the first for control of the masses. Witness the Metropolis movie of 1927:

If we’re not careful and attentive this could be our future.

Housing under government controls:

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The UN’s vision of a new suburbia:

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Sustainable food production:

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Universal heath care:

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Personal initiative:

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Loss of freedom and independence with government controls:

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This is the UN’s vision for the future for all of us:


It certainly is so live it and turn off the screen, phone, tablets and social media and get out there and enjoy life.

What? Me worry?

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Happy Monday