A San Francisco Treat

Canadian Woman accused of mailing ricin to President Trump, Valley law enforcement agencies identified.

BLM are in an uproar. How dare she send that TRUMP bastard Uncle Ben’s for shit sakes.

The Canadian woman accused of mailing envelopes containing the poison ricin to President Donald J. Trump and local law enforcement agencies has been identified.

Next time, BLM says, send him rice-a-roni. That’ll kill him for sure. It’s a San Francisco treat…feces laced.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation identified Pascale Ferrier, 53, as the suspect in this case. They, the CBC are rolling out the red carpet for her. Other smug Canadians across Canada are rejoicing…. eh?

Are ya sure she’s a she and not a he,ze,or zit? Eh?

RCMP said an an earlier report that if she hadn’t put a return address on the envelope it is doubtful she would have been caught. All the light bulbs went out on the remark.

But the children are our future. JK Rowlings books have been banned or burned due to her controversial gender beliefs – as in – there are only two genders. Either you are a male or a female.

The natural world has gone amuck over this latest development.

Hey, even if a guy wants to be a girl he is still a she / male. If a girl wants to be a guy she is still a she/hee…geesh

I was raped by whoever Trump picks to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. So there. Pelosi agrees… however.

Cuban Woman Barbara Lagoa May Be Trump’s Pick For SCROTUM…nope…read above.

Ya know your society is screwed when…Vermont grocery store worker fired after apprehending purse snatcher.

Jennifer Lopez bikini photo giving us all ‘vacation vibes’

She was fined for wearing a mask.

Heaven help us.