Come to California – The Golden State

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It is not about us.

Liberals reach deal with the New Democrat Party to avert fall erection – so says an article in the Japanese Times. “Never mind the Canadian erectorate,” it goes on to say. “We and we have avoided being blought down.”

Marg – a life long NDPer agrees.

See the source imageHazmat Singh is vely appy:

See the source imageYes I am.

California Governor Newsom has signed an executive order to ban all fossil fuel cars and trucks by 2035. Wow.

“I want to save the glaciers from melting, and the sea levels from rising.” he said. “This will do it. I take a scientific approach to all things.” as he stepped outside of his Malibu beachfront home.

Meanwhile, the production of non fossil fuel vehicles and trucks has begun to ramp up in California. Here is an animated copy of one such vehicle. This model is called “A Roller.”


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The mass exodus of California residents continues. Yet Newsom continues to say: “Come to California and enjoy our lively cities.”

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Our diversity:

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Our green spaces:

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Please come and vacation here. It’s hot!

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Enjoy our San Francisco treat – and it ain’t Rice-a-Roni.

“Yes come to California.” the Governor says.



Ah…the good ole days. Summer of Love, 1967… shit!…really!