More Liberal Speak

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More Leftist Logic or Liberal-speak:

Journo says Amy Coney Barrett – Trump’s Supreme Court nominee – used her speech to weaponize her white womanhood while using her black children to score points……say what?

Barret is a devout Catholic (Pelosi is too you know) and Christian who has  adopted some Haitian orphans over the years. This absolutely disqualifies her from the position…so say her democratic critics.

“She is a racist, a bigot, hateful, spiteful…a God fearing woman no less – oh the horror of it all – she believes in God!!! Vengeful, lazy opportunist homophobe…don’t ya know.” so says an anonymous democrat, who wishes to have her party affiliation and gender remain a secret.

“I would say that she is eminently qualified to run the Democratic Party if she isn’t confirmed as a Supreme Court Judge.”

Oh…and it is rumored that she had unbridled, non consensual sex with Joe Biden 180 years ago in the senate chambers.

“I will not, I repeat, I will not call an early election.” So say Premier John Horgan after being elected in 2017. “Also, I intend to bring in a Child Care Program in the 4th year of my mandate.”

Meanwhile after 3 years: “There will be an election in this province 24 October, just over 3 years after the last one. And I promise, read my lips, If elected I will bring in a Child Care Program in the 4th year of our mandate. Bet on it.” Vegas bookmakers give that one a 100 to 1 odds.

“I will never, ever use our democratic process to circumvent democracy or justice in the House of Commons.” so says Justin the Great, Prime Minister of Canada. ” I will never prorogue Parliament.”

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“Please dear and all powerful Shiva. Help me destroy the opposition”

How do you spell Trudeau? H..A..R..P..E..R. On August 18 Trudeau prorogues Parliament until the 23 September to avoid a number of political scandals, including a 3rd ethics violation while acting as Prime Minister of Canada.

“Oh how I love being me.”

Jean Chretien: 20th Prime Minister of Canada: “A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.” Prove me not. If my mother had 4 wheels she would be a truck. But she’s not and I have the proof. Just look at her.”

“Read my lips. If elected I will get rid of the GST (VAT).” So says Chretien during 1993 election campaign. Elected! ” I never said that. Where is da proof? Show me da proof.”…………………Geesh.

See the source image“Don’t mess with me”

Love this line though: “I didn’t feel the need to have a lot of yes-men standing around me. As Mitchell Sharp (Liberal advisor) once put it, the bigger the staff, the smaller the minister’s member.”

“Is that like having an over compensating huge pick-up truck Jean?”

My oh my, how on earth can the rest of the world take Canada seriously.

Don’t hate life, love it and embrace it…In God’s eyes, all lives matter.

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