The End!

Can’t wait! Only 98 days until the Maldives disappear under water. Remember this: The UN predicted back in 1988 that if we do not do anything right NOW, as in contribute $100 Trillion to third world “tin pot” dictatorships, that the Maldives would be under water in 30 years. That’s right, by January 1st 2018. Funny that we do not hear too much about this anymore.

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The Maldives today. But hey, with the UN in charge of things, one just never knows. All of the “tin pot” dictators nodded in agreement.


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Sure looks like the coast of Oregon to me.

Meade and the end of the world update. All religions do not endorse this guy, except of course Holly’s Woody in the Morning elite.

25: There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars….Sounds like a hit song to me….On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea… At having to listen to another Bieber song!… People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken…’ Another Hulk movie by Buffalo (sic)

“’26: Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken…’ but not stirred!

Tuesday’s date, Nov 3 2020 was pinpointed using codes from the Bible, as well as a “date marker” in the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Added to that was their magic marker and a direct relationship with the Mayan pyramids, Caligula’s obelisk at the Vatican, not to mention Washington’s monument in DC.  We’re doomed!

This just in from the Pope: “Meade’s views are not endorsed by Roman Catholic, Protestant or eastern Orthodox church. No we’re all behind Climate Change as the cause to our end of days predictions. So there! I mean you can only have so many doomsday prophecies.” BTW didn’t Saint Malakai predict only one more Pope and then we’re all doomed?
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Hey, even this guy got into the act!
“The End is Nigh,” says Bill Nye the Science Guy!


From the “This is Weird” file: Some dude, and I use that word loosely, has spent over $600K having plastic surgery jobs to look like Ken from “Ken and Barbie.” But, when he gets older, – I wouldn’t bet on that too much dude –  when he reaches his late 50s he wants to undergo a sex change so as to look like Barbie. “I would rather look like a sexy old lady than a saggy old man.” Alves admitted to the Daily Mail.

Boy oh boy Alves, you are in for one big surprise concerning old age gender sagginess. Boobs just don’t cut it after 40.

On another note, Pixee Fox had her ribs removed so as to look like a cartoon character…geesh. Now how about going with only 4 fingers and toes dudess! Author’s note: Her pic is so gross I won’t show it. Google her if you want to but I don’t recommend it.

Other stuff on a Friday:

Rick Mercer Report going off the air. Finally. Now I don’t have a problem with Rick Mercer per se but his “Talking to Americans” segment turned me right off his “not funny” show. It really demonstrated to me just how smug and holier than thou the elite, or left wing Canadians think they are. “I hate smugness.” There Rick, that’s my rant. Good luck to you.

Lady Gaga is going to use her real name. Oh, like Rhianna Banana. Can’t wait until it is revealed. Counting the days, hours and minutes. Changing her stage name for marriage perhaps to……”Poker Face.”

Nice thing about athletes protesting the NFL supporting BLM and refusing to honour or respect their national anthem. My response: Great. I don’t have to respect them. I can turn the channel, which I have. I also no longer watch any award shows nor do I purchase any sport memorabilia…so there!…..Geesh.





Read ya again Monday. I take weekends off from this blog.




Costco pulling products allegedly made with forced monkey labor

PETA is upset as monkeys were not being paid 15$ per hour – minimum wage in many states. As a result the price of bananas has soared.

SJ’s note: I kid you not.

Have they nothing better to do:

Scottish Hate Crime Bill Would Criminalize Offensive Dinner Table Conversations.

Pass the haggis. Robbie Burn’s night is cancelled.

So, why are you soooo upset France? It’s just head you know. And French at that.

Turkey’s Erdogan Calls For Boycott Of French Goods Over ‘Islamophobic’ Response To Teacher’s Beheading.

French kissing is banned across Turkey

“Heads will roll over this.” one french official said.

Three dead, including one woman beheaded by knife-wielding attacker at church in Nice, France……………….NICE!

The attack comes while France is still reeling from the beheading earlier this month of middle school teacher Paty by a man of Chechen origin

Dem Sen. Markey Accuses Amy Barrett Of Following ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist,’ ‘Homophobic’ Originalist Philosophy…

She is Catholic after all. A papal pope-ist. A threat to all Americans with her message of love.


Canadian Finance minister says government will turn off financial taps, but not before pandemic ends

Freeland told the Toronto Global Forum that the Liberals guiding principle on the economy is that beating COVID is key to a successful financial rebound.

So what if this pandemic continues, like SaRs, for ten years or more?

No, destroying the Canadian economy is their guiding principal. Standby for heavy, heavy taxation.

And what about the seniors in this country? Nada thing I am afraid. They could raise our laughable Old Age In-Security from 613$ per month to 1,000$ per month for starters.

Fear thy neighbors:

A lawsuit alleges that billionaire investor Bill Gross played the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on a loop to harass his neighbors after they filed complaints about his large art installation.


1987 this was. Yes, 33 years ago and Biden is still around. Career politician.

Why can’t we all just get along.

The end is nigh so says the science guy.

In this age of lawlessness and violence the end may be closer than we think.

Bring it on.





Our Happy Home in Memphis Saskatchewan

The end of snow. So says the UN and climate change advocates.


Mt. Norquay (Banff Alberta) set for earliest opening day in 95 year history

Mt. Norquay snow makers, Arnaud Bourdon, left, and Mike “Radar” Rae walk near a large snow gun before the opening day of the 2019 season at Mt. Norquay. RMO FILE PHOTO

You will not hear about that on the CBC.

Meanwhile, global warming hits Saskatchewan on Friday – -27 C.

More records fall as temperatures stay well below normal across Saskatchewan

Why I don’t watch the MSM:

Joe Biden is the biggest beneficiary of a biased media that seemingly will do anything to protect the Democratic Party. If the media covered Biden honestly, he most likely wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee. To put it simply, he doesn’t have what it takes to be president.

That’s precisely why many in the media and Big Tech have worked to protect him. Facebook and Twitter have suppressed or censored information damaging to Biden’s candidacy; much of the media has downplayed negative news stories about him and refused to ask him tough questions, all while pushing dubious, anonymously sourced hit jobs on President Trump.

And the corruption continues as the Liberals avoid a non confidence vote and suppress future ethic oriented investigative committees demanded by the opposition. How? Through NDP support.

Nice government we have here in Canada, where the elected party can get away with everything. Canadian dictatorship. Change the electoral process in this country.

Public Health Agency orders a rush delivery of 50 MILLION syringes

Canadian public health official announces the purchase of 50M syringes.  Day campers in Victoria and across the country are ecstatic on hearing the news:

“No way man. Yes way.’ one was heard to say.

KNOX – The real face of poverty isn’t always the one we ...

But, but, but what about the virus?? What virus?

Justin Trudeau is using taxpayer money to fund Canada’s version of the Southern Poverty Law Center (US Left Leaning Racist Org) and other busy-bodies to paint his political enemies as racist extremists.

Through the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Trudeau Liberals are giving grants to a series of online tattle tales and professional scolds in order to monitor private citizens for “wrongthink” and systemic racism.

Meanwhile, the latest Liberal job posting comes up in Ottawa. “We are looking for a story teller,” says a government official. “Along the lines of the Brother’s Grimm.”

And at the bottom of the application written in bold letters” “Anglos need not apply. Only indigenous, Blacks and Francos.”

And here I thought grass cutting was resigned to the Navy!

The Federal government is searching for vendors to create a national database of private lawn equipment.

The request for a proposal for a “Canadian Inventory Surveys of Lawn, Garden and Other Small Mobile Outdoor Power” was posted on October 16, 2020, to the Public Works website.

The selected vendor must “conduct surveys throughout Canada to collect information on the inventory and usage of lawn, garden, and other small mobile outdoor power equipment” on behalf of Environment Canada. The RFP (Request for Proposal) closes November 30, 2020.

As Canada’s firearms community is well aware, a government inventory often precedes a government ban and there is a recent North America-wide trend to ban gas-powered lawn equipment under the auspices of both environmental and noise concerns.

I kid you not.

And technology will benefit humanity:

Apparently there’s been a provincial election in BC. Polls closed an hour ago or thereabouts but in this hyper technological, super advanced world, nobody will know the results for weeks.

Bring back  the good ole days when we knew the Federal results after the Ontario erection polls closed at 8pm on erection day and we were still voting in Victoria, BC.

And had hits like this:


Stats and More Damn Stats

Canada is back. The world is watching Canada.

Yet, Canada doesn’t even rate a mention on this Covid chart. Funny, check out where the US is.( ref: WHO).

But. We do rate a mention here. But only by the RBC.

Wait for the super high taxes, coming from a fed near you.

How does it feel to be deemed non essential by our government? Over 3.5 million people have entered Canada since March and were not isolated for 14 days? Why? Liberals deemed them essential. Even those from China and Europe. And with all the stats why don’t they tell us the number of deaths, the age of those who have died and if there were any underlying causes that caused the death? Nope. Will not hear that. Gotta keep the fear going.

Finally. A Canadian Judge with a pair:

Caledonia land dispute: Judge orders demonstrators to permanently leave Caledonia site.

The Pope just released his new encyclical, appropriately called: “Catelli …er sorry Fratelli Tutti.” His true colors come out:

Fratelli Tutti, unsurprisingly, confirms the pope’s solid positioning on the left as an ecologist and anti-capitalist, a stance rooted in the revolutionary doctrines of his Argentine youth among the Jesuits of Buenos Aires—fellow travelers of Liberation Theology and hostile to the economic “liberalism” favored by military dictators. Times have changed, and the poverty that rightly haunts Pope Francis has massively diminished around the world thanks to globalization, free trade, the market economy, and the scientific revolution in agriculture (GMO soybeans in Argentina, for example). The encyclical takes no account of this progress but presses on in the fight with a largely imaginary enemy that the pope, like all leftist intellectuals, calls “neoliberalism.”

Is the Pope Catholic? Me thinks not and I am a Catholic.. He promotes communism, something his predecessor, John Paul II,  abhorred. He also upholds the creation as in Gaia and not the creator as in God. He believes in one world government and one world religion, education controlled by the centre. In other words communism. Time to get another Pope.

Advice to Pope Francis: Start saving souls and not the planet. Stay out of politics.

And now for some levity coming up to 03 November.


In deference to the Pope’s encyclical here is a classic:

Hey, is that Barbara Billingsley (the Beav’s mom) at the back in the striped blouse?




Lest We Forget

Lest we forget………at our peril.

Progressiveness and left leaning municipal councils destroy anything that is good.

Revoke parking privileges for veterans because they ‘incentivize driving,’ Vancouver council report advises

‘Providing free parking provisions to certain subsets of the population does not align with current transportation and equity objectives,’ the report says.

Progressive code for: “we have to save the planet” so f^%k the veterans. Next up? Cancel Remembrance Day ceremonies because they incentivize our war effort. Code for: too many cars in the downtown core.

Canada’s NDP leader supports Trudeau and averts a snap election. More Trudeau, more scandals and more corruption. The NDP lacks balls.

See the source image

One question that arises is:

“The Hazmat Singh Bobblehead Doesn’t Exist And I Want To Know Why.”

See the source imageI want to know why too.

Nice…..Student newspaper publishes instructions on how to make a Molotov cocktail.

“I knew universities were good for some things. I just didn’t know what until now.” Canadian anarchist states.

Or this from a university near you.

The Left’s Sunday picnic at Berkeley. It was a BYOB, “Bring Your Own Bomb” affair. Hell of a party. The bar was kept pretty busy. “Everyone wants a Molotov Cocktail these days.” A volunteer worker was heard to say. “I ran out of olives pretty quickly and at an event like this Black Olives really do Matter.”

According to the radical climatologists, CO2 is a toxic gas. Therefore every time over 7B people on this planet exhale, tons and tons of CO2 are expelled. Coming next in the green agenda is a tax on the very air that we breathe, or, reduce the population of the earth dramatically.

Or….which path do you think the greenies will take?

See the source imageA new California bill will have all residents hold their breaths for 2 minutes after each intake of oxygen.

Unintended consequence:

Flatulence levels in the state soar. It is no longer the golden state. “More like brown to me,” one resident was heard to say.

See the source image

When the purveyor of this bill was treated for a brain aneurism doctors found this:

Skeleton X-Ray - Shit for Brains

People are fleeing California in record numbers. Most thought it was because of the high taxes and the high cost of living, but we know better:

It’s the smell man…it’s bad, very, very bad.

Another great song from my favorite girl group: The Shangri-Las.

Very, very campy. Check out that biker dude: yes it is Robert Goulet, that 60s crooner.

“I met him at a candy store.” A biker dude? Mmm, I don’t think so.