Put That In Your Pipe…

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Trump rubberstamps new Alaska to Alberta rail line — but Canada needs a ‘Gender Based Analysis’ to approve;

Well, Justin. It is easy. The male end of the pipe goes into the female end of the pipe. Repeat for 6900 kilometers.

See the source imageNot that pipe Justin.

This one:

See the source image

See, It is eezy peezy Justin. Inset male end (on the left) into the female end (on the right). Gender analysis completed.

If only???????????????????????

Canada? Don’t hold your breath on this one. Poor Alberta

Steven Guilbeault, the heritage minister (from Quebec…of course) who still sits in cabinet to talk about everything else, he was literally arrested, charged and convicted of a crime in his environmental extremism. His whole life has been dedicated to wiping out Alberta oil.

That’s why Trudeau cancelled the northern gateway pipeline, and cancelled the Energy East pipeline, and has delayed the Trans Mountain pipeline. This one will be the next one to be regulated into obscurity.

They hate oil. This pipeline is a pipe dream.

Canada is only interested in this kind of pipe:

See the source image

I have a dream….and it doesn’t include pipelines.

See the source image\

It ain’t oil in dem dere brain.

See the source imageTurn me on man.

Love this album. 7 Year Itch by Collective Soul.