WHO is Kidding who?

You have to be kidding me.

How does Covid compare with other viruses. (WHO)?

And we shut down our entire economy for this?

New WHO Data Reveals Coronavirus Less Lethal than Last Three Major US Pandemics — And they Destroyed the Economy for This

And is he ever laughing. “We have managed to do in 6 months what the Dems and CCP have tried to achieve in years. The transition to one world government will be a walk in the park. We just have to rid ourselves of the US and Donald Trump. The rest of the world’s sheeple will fall in line.

How do Black Lives Matter and Antifa manage to recruit so many maniacs willing to burn down their own country on behalf of a transparently bogus narrative? Academia mass produces them. This quote from Midwestern State University philosophy professor Nathan Jun reflects the mentality many students are steeped in:

“I want the entire world to burn until the last cop is strangled with the intestines of the last capitalist, who is strangled in turn with the intestines of the last politician.”

He went on to say: “but you will have to wait until I have completed my scheduled colonoscopy.

Nice: our children are receiving a top crotch education these days.

More Liberal-speak:

“Focusing on rioting and property destruction rather than underlying grievance has been used in the past to stigmatize broad swaths of people”

A broad swath of people the other night in Portland.

The entire US Northwest and Northern California now declared a US “shithole.”

A riot is not really a riot. Just a misguided protest gone off the rails!

Leftist delusion. Every car in California will be electric by 2035. Same for Canada. Imagine 100 million cars plugging into the grid for hours every single night? The sale of gas BBQ’s skyrockets.

And Canada should know!

Fundamental disconnect’: Trump treated for severe COVID-19 but doctors say case is mild: Canadian expert.

Just what we need – another Canadian expert. The world needs more Canadian pervs er perts.

Canadians are so smug.