Freedom ‘s Just Another Word

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Somehow, my problems do not seem so bad:

A pillar of progressivism: Fatherless Households. A national domestic crisis but a BLM foundational ideologue to rid society of the nuclear family:

BLM movement?…………………………..NOT.

Yo? Bro?

In the name of “linguistic justice,” college writing instructors have agreed that teachers should “stop using academic language and standard English as the accepted communicative norm,”

Teachers (must) develop and teach Black Linguistic Consciousness that works to decolonize the mind – say what? (and/or) language, unlearn white supremacy, and unravel anti-Black linguistic racism!

. . . teachers STOP telling Black students that they have to ‘learn standard English to be successful because that’s just the way it is in the real world.’ No, that’s not just the way it is; that’s anti-Black linguistic racism.

Yo Bro pass da weed man. Dis shit its tops dude.

You are hired.

Dumb and dumberer:

American youth prepared to adopt totalitarianism.

“They know not what they want.”

Be careful what you wish for.

Roll call at Buchenwald concentration camp, ca.1938-1941. Two prisoners in the foreground are supporting a comrade, as fainting was frequently an excuse for the guards to 'liquidate' useless inmates.

In the language and the grammar of our youth:

Dumb and dumberer.

I blame our education system and left leaning teachers.

Twitter Locked Trump Campaign Account 19 Days Before the Election

I just quit all social media. You should do the same. If you don’t believe me check out Netflix’s “Social Dilemma” documentary. The trailer is shown here:

Scary. This is what it may lead to:

From the silent 1927 film by Fritz Lang

One world government as envisaged by the United Nations


And we boomers all became part of the establishment.

The selfish generation.

Freedom? Were losing it a twitter at a time.