No Sex Please, We’re British

Behold the new and thrilling “equity” policies in San Diego schools:

Racial imbalance is evident when teachers, profs etc ask that work and assignments be turned in on time – or just turned in. This is considered to be an accountability measure which has no place in a racially imbalanced environment such as the classroom.

Next up: Cheating for black students. Why should whitey have all the fun.

“I wouldn’t touch her or him with a 1o foot barge pole rule” comes this from the UK:

Due to Covid: The Prime Minister’s spokesman added that intimate couples could meet outdoors, but must abide by social distancing rules. 

Who’s going to enforce that?

Meanwhile, in Wales:

Wales government directs that the entire country go to lockdown for 14 days. All residents must stay in their homes for the entire period of isolation. Yeah, that should do it.

“Can I have a 10 foot barge pole?” one resident was heard to say on hearing the news.

Meanwhile, at the WHO. Who?

Lockdowns do not work. Stop this nonsense.

Government’s response:

See the source image

Our leaderless leadership. But don’t worry folks “as we have a virus for that.”

Nature magazine endorses Biden:

“He is a birdbrain after all.”

Amy Barret responds to the Democrat led witch hunt at her confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court position:

And for all those Brits and Welsh living at home comes this bit of news:

Quebec Ink: Data makes porn purveyors MindPeek, er sorry MindGeek Montreal’s answer to Netflix. Heard that this app is flying off the shelves. Will have to ration this for sure. Just like those ass-wipes in the UK.

Finally, from the Captain Obvious file comes this:

Teacher says his tattoos and surgically blackened eyes cost him his kindergarten job:


Check out those sleeve hankies. Must be a Brit. And then there’s Ted Nugent, a Conservative’s conservative, on lead guitar. As always he has to be up front and the centre of attention.


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