Consequencial Arrogance

Hey. Happy Trafalgar Day. What is that you say? The day, October 21 1805, that Admiral Horatio Nelson whipped the combined French and Spanish fleet off Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Yes, that one armed, one eye British colonial bastard who saved England from invasion by Napoleon.

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Final victory after Waterloo led to Pax Britannica – 100 years of relative peace in Europe.

But, but, he was an icon of British imperialism don’t ya know. His name and honors must be eradicated from the course of human history. Same for Captain Cook – don’t ya know.

Sarc off.

The law of unintended consequences hits Trudeau yet again:

May 1, 2020 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a ban on some 1,500 makes and models of military-grade “assault-style” weapons in Canada, effective immediately.

October 19, 2020 — Dozens of gang members have been exploiting the $500 weekly government cheques intended for Covid relief to obtain illegal handguns smuggled into the country from the U.S., sources told the Toronto Sun.

Liberal arrogance – inbound.

Less than 2% of Canadians agree with the Prime Minister and his Deputy / Finance Minister of a green post Covid recovery plan. Trudeau’s response:

“No matter, we’re doing it anyway.”

…as most Canadians only care about their 6 pack and hockey night in Canada. As long as the government provides that Trudeau can do whatever he wants. He is a mouthpiece for the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s grandiose plans for one world government.

Time to change Canada’s electoral process.

On another note. Trudeau’s wife is paid almost $24K by the WE charity organization for speaking fees and expenses.

When will Liberal arrogance and corruption ever end.

Wales shuts down the entire country for two weeks isolation in their homes due to Covid. My only wish is that they do that here in Canada starting with the Trudeau government.

I could cry. This is what a green world looks like:


The view at Pincher Creek Alberta. Wind turbines across a province that only produces 2.8% of Alberta’s energy needs.

What I have been saying since day 1:

Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank, has come out with a report slamming the effectiveness of the Carbon Tax. “It just boils down to another revenue stream for the Federal government.” the report says. Not a single penny goes to emission reduction or to alleviate the transition away from fossil fuels, or for better infrastructure and public transit…NADA.

So when the private sector pulls off something like a Carbon Tax, it’s considered a scam but when the government does it it’s considered responsible public policy.

And when the Carbon Tax revenue stream runs its course?

See the source imageYes, the air that you breathe.

Or maybe a ban on this:

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In more ways than one, we should go nuclear (or postal) across the country. No emissions and a small footprint, and no farting.

More Liberal-speak and stats:

CBC Business News, October 9: Canada’s economy added 378,000 new jobs in September, Statistics Canada says, almost all of which were full-time positions. September’s job gains mean that the job market is now within 720,000 positions of where it was in February…

Reuters Business News, October 15: Canada sheds jobs for seventh straight month in September: The August data was revised to show jobs declined by 770,600 rather than by 205,400.

Oh, and Liberal new jobs:

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Will you have fries with that?

Now this from the Crap News Network:

Zoom dick.

New Yorker contributor and CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended by The New Yorker after he masturbated on a Zoom call with his co-workers.

CNN chief legal analyst


has been suspended by The New Yorker after he showed his penis on a Zoom call with his co-workers. WNYC were also on the call.

I wonder if they zoomed in or zoomed out for this call.

When priorities go askew:
In the midst of a pandemic and with most public schools still closed to students, San Francisco has announced plans to rename about a third of its schools. The schools being renamed include several named for former U.S. Presidents including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
Yet schools in San Fran remain closed.
BTW, California has very strict and draconian lock down measures in place yet the Covid numbers keep going up. What does that tell you:
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If we keep following this path we will never get out of this conundrum.
Protect the elderly and most vulnerable but open things up. It is just another variation of the flu.