Stats and More Damn Stats

Canada is back. The world is watching Canada.

Yet, Canada doesn’t even rate a mention on this Covid chart. Funny, check out where the US is.( ref: WHO).

But. We do rate a mention here. But only by the RBC.

Wait for the super high taxes, coming from a fed near you.

How does it feel to be deemed non essential by our government? Over 3.5 million people have entered Canada since March and were not isolated for 14 days? Why? Liberals deemed them essential. Even those from China and Europe. And with all the stats why don’t they tell us the number of deaths, the age of those who have died and if there were any underlying causes that caused the death? Nope. Will not hear that. Gotta keep the fear going.

Finally. A Canadian Judge with a pair:

Caledonia land dispute: Judge orders demonstrators to permanently leave Caledonia site.

The Pope just released his new encyclical, appropriately called: “Catelli …er sorry Fratelli Tutti.” His true colors come out:

Fratelli Tutti, unsurprisingly, confirms the pope’s solid positioning on the left as an ecologist and anti-capitalist, a stance rooted in the revolutionary doctrines of his Argentine youth among the Jesuits of Buenos Aires—fellow travelers of Liberation Theology and hostile to the economic “liberalism” favored by military dictators. Times have changed, and the poverty that rightly haunts Pope Francis has massively diminished around the world thanks to globalization, free trade, the market economy, and the scientific revolution in agriculture (GMO soybeans in Argentina, for example). The encyclical takes no account of this progress but presses on in the fight with a largely imaginary enemy that the pope, like all leftist intellectuals, calls “neoliberalism.”

Is the Pope Catholic? Me thinks not and I am a Catholic.. He promotes communism, something his predecessor, John Paul II,  abhorred. He also upholds the creation as in Gaia and not the creator as in God. He believes in one world government and one world religion, education controlled by the centre. In other words communism. Time to get another Pope.

Advice to Pope Francis: Start saving souls and not the planet. Stay out of politics.

And now for some levity coming up to 03 November.


In deference to the Pope’s encyclical here is a classic:

Hey, is that Barbara Billingsley (the Beav’s mom) at the back in the striped blouse?