Covid This Will Ya?

A recently completed research study by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in cooperation with the Naval Medical Research Center and published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that strict quarantine, tightly controlled social distancing, and continuous use of masks did absolutely nothing to contain the spread of COVID-19, and might even have increased its spread.

First, the study used 1,843 Marine volunteers, individuals well trained to follow orders as well as the required procedures. Second, their quarantine took place at Marine facility under the supervision of the military. Both factors meant that the volunteers were going to follow procedures much more correctly than the general public.

Third, no one could enter the study without undergoing 14-days of quarantine beforehand, plus a test to prove they were negative of COVID-19 at the study’s start. The study itself was held in a tightly controlled quarantine campus run by the Marines.

The volunteers then had to follow an incredibly strict quarantine regiment:

The data from this trial continues to reinforce the very very early data from March. COVID-19 is not dangerous to the young or healthy, and it will spread no matter what you do. The best way to beat it and thus protect the vulnerable older and sick population is to have it spread as fast as possible through the young and healthy population, so that it will die out quickly and thus no longer be a threat.

Of course this does not follow the official narrative thus it must be bogus and fake news.

It’s going to be a tough winter,” as Michigan Governor Whitmer enacts new restrictions for 3 weeks in Michigan – then leaves for Florida.

Dr Fauci says Americans shouldn’t stop wearing masks, social distancing even after they’re vaccinated against Covid-19…………..yeah right. Funny that I never see him wearing a mask. Has he lost his job?

“C’mon now Donald. Concede. Put your big boy pants on and let it go.” This from Obama and other Dem elites. Such hypocrisy from the left:

Listen past the 2 minute mark and watch the interviewer’s reaction.

“What’s good for me but not for thee – because I am a Democrat.”

Let the light shine in:

Huck Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird, Other Classic Books Banned In California Schools For “Racism”

But sadly , under the Democrats “the lamps are beginning to go out across America, and the world.” Just as Sir Edward Grey stated at the onset of World War 1, in July 1914.

Loss of democracy and an erosion of your rights and freedoms.

Models, models and more bloody models.

To date: BC = .02% mortality rate due to Covid 19. Canada = .03%. Is that a crisis?

About those full Ontario hospitals, Randy Hillier is not getting answers:

Typical politician-speak from the government. Obfuscate.

These are the only models I care about:

Bruce's Scale Modeling Domain: The Golden Rule.Retired McMurray man uses expertise to build model ships ...

Erm, maybe this:

Just Gorgeous! The Sexiest Women Of All Time In Film ...

Just say NO!

Consider this stat. According to the CDC in the US, only 14,000 Americans have died as a direct result of Covid 19. Many more have died with the virus but very few because of it. Is that number worth the fear, loathing and turmoil we are currently going through?


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