Cancel Christmas

This just in. Breaking news:

Christmas should be postponed for six months to prevent coronavirus causing “massive damage” in early 2021, a public health director has warned.

Sure. Why not? And then it’ll have to be postponed again in July for a century or so after we do another 15 days to stop the spread. 

Somehow no one has come up with a brilliant plan to postpone Ramadan though because even public health experts don’t do well with being beheaded. It’s why Cuomo and the New York Post keep targeting Orthodox Jewish weddings, but is carefully avoiding Muslim public gatherings.

But we’ll all be able to celebrate Faucimass as the new Fauci-monster.

New carols: Oh Covid Tree, Oh Covid Tree, I fear – I may be – infected by thee.

Can’t wait.

All the usual suspects: Biden appoints John Kerry as the US’ Climate Czar. A sure fire way to fail….yesss. Next? Hillary as Sex of State. Benghazi anyone?

With friends like this who needs experts: Pastor Al Sharpton Warns Vaccine Might Be Racial Hoax Like Tuskegee Syphilis Study.

Study speaks for itself: Top 10 inbound states (migration in) vs top 10 outbound states (migration out).

Outbound general equates to Democratic run states whereas inbound generally equates to Republican run states. Unfortunately for the vibrant states their new citizens bring their failing ideology with them. Arizona is a case in point. Most always a red state it went blue this election.

“Americans are moving to states that are relatively more economically vibrant, dynamic, and business-friendly, with lower tax and regulatory burdens, lower energy and housing costs, with more economic and job opportunities, from states that are relatively more economically stagnant with higher taxes and more regulations, higher energy and housing costs, and with fewer economic and job opportunities?”

Yeah, but they are bringing their failed ideology with them.

L.A. County Suspends Outdoor Dining At Restaurants. Stand fast Gov Newsom.

“The New Woke Times” – no I do not have a speech impediment Virginia.

When the mob rules. And we do know how that ends don’t we?

The Ten Percent: 31 Days of Horror Edition – The Bride of ...

Perhaps we are witnessing a new American Revolution, which always comes with terror phase:

The Guillotine’s First Cut - History in the Headlines

They’ve lost their heads. And ya know that the elites always go first.

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