One Thing To Another

Quote of the week. To all the Karen’s and Kyle’s out there.

My quote of the week:

“If things are good in moderation then they must be great in excess.”

Known truths from a truth-sayer:

Rudi Giuliani should just retire;

Give it up Trump. You lost. Unlike the condemn-ocrats, move on and take the higher road. Go gracefully as you can’t beat the system;

The US electoral system sucks anyway and is broken, wrought with corruption;

Media, especially social media, won this US election fair and squarely;

Biden et al are thoroughly corrupt. Yeah, but he is a good Catholic, carries a Rosary around – but he supports abortion.

Geriatrics rule the US Government;

The Great Reset is a Great Reject;

Canada’s electoral system is broken;

Canada has an elected dictator as Prime Minister;

Climate Change and the Covid pandemic supports CS Lewis’ quote above;

Lockdowns do not work to stop the virus;

Social distancing does not work to stop the virus;

Masks do nothing to stop the virus;

Nothing will stop the spread of the virus. Get used to it;

How dare you;

Go Fauci Yourself; 

The fixx (sic) is in; and

There is a Santa Clause Virginia.


Life? It’s just one thing after another.


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