Obfuscate, Confabulate

Say what?

No way….yes way.

Liberal speak…incoming.

Try sayin that with a straight face.

No problemo. Liberals do it everyday…confabulate and obfuscate.

“I never said anything about a great reset. It is just another conservative right wing conspiracy theory…” Justin Trudeau.

Justinian gets his marching orders from Jean Chretien. Watch and listen after 1:50

“Vaccine for Canadians?? Not anytime soon but we will send millions and millions of dollars out to other countries to help them get the vaccine…before Canadians.”

They, the Liberals must think we are all stupid.

Confabulate? Means to devise strategies due to acute memory loss. This is right out of the Liberal playbook.

COVID-19 cases in Canada remain on troubling course, Tam says, amid rising numbers. Cases exceed 360K. One of the highest case to death ratio in the world.

But it’s Trump’s fault.

It’s a first world problem:

People aren’t having kids because of impending climate ‘apocalypse,’ study suggests.

“I was first committed not to bring any children into this doomed world, but then I met my husband and fell in love and I wanted them,” wrote another 38-year-old. “They have brought me so much joy, but I feel so guilty about it. I don’t want them to have to suffer through the future humans have created for them.”

Then don’t, and take yourselves out of the gene pool. But leave your kids behind.

Doesn’t seem to bother the Muslim population though. Heard in passing:

“I see your zero kids infidel and I’ll raise you ten?”

The climate is right. If we can’t destroy you by force, we’ll get you demographically.

Belgium is on its way to become Europe’s first Muslim nation.

Thank you for the days:

Kinks? A highly underrated group.

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