It’s The Economy Stupid.

They may be exempt but remember: they shit just like us and their shit stinks just like us. They cough and sneeze and fart and belch just like us. They are not immune from sickness nor exempt from death so why may I ask are these so called elites exempt from the rest of us.

It makes no sense.

It is just “Covid Insanity”

Senior company executives are among travelers set to be exempt from Covid-19 quarantine restrictions for international arrivals in England, meaning they will not have to self-isolate for up to a fortnight.

Recently signed elite sportspeople, performing arts professionals, TV production staff and journalists will also not have to abide by quarantine restrictions if arriving from a country outside of England’s travel corridor from 4am on Saturday.

Announcing the move on Twitter, the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said “high-value business travelers” would be exempt from quarantine rules in an effort to boost the economy, “subject to specific criteria being met”.

Boost the economy? The very people needed to get this economy going again are in quarantined isolation.

The elites are not what an economy makes.

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