End of………..

The end of snow – so says our climate gurus and the UN.

2020 snow in Austria.

Love this. The Maldives were supposed to be underwater by 01 January 2018. Last time I checked they are still above water. As are Vanuatu and other Pacific Atolls. The UN’s response when confronted with this news? “Oh, the islands and Atolls have risen up vertically.”

Wonderful Side of Maldives - Gets Ready

Climate Change is real man. Right!

Boy, are we in trouble as a country. Our MINISTER OF FINANCE!!??

And then there is this:

Typical liberal-speak. Mumbo Jumbo. This is what our nation has come to.

As a nation, with leadership like this, Canada is doomed.

Hey, the US finally confirm their President today.

Now this is God’s President Elect:

The “President” in Sequoia National Forest. One of the photographers is that tiny speck to the left of the trunk. This president is 3200 years old.

Here is a good climate change song.