This is Rich

John Kerry appointed Climate Czar for the US. He is going to change the climate and save the world.


And coming to a snake oil salesman near you. We are all doomed.

If you think censorship in social media is a right wing conspiracy theory, think again.

First step: Climate lockdown and a ban of all consumption of red meat. PETA is all in a tizzy over this one.

You can see the whole video here.

No sane person believes that the federal government can improve the weather by imposing a climate lockdown. But one will happen anyway, as soon as the Democratic Party has the political leverage to impose it – January 22, 2021.

This is rich:

“Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, says: All Canadians deserve access to world-class health care.”

Yes we do and no we don’t have world class health care. I am sure you have heard all of the horror stories of extremely long wait times. My own son had to wait 18  months for an ACL operation and my other son is still waiting for an operation on his serious varicose veins condition – 3 years and counting.

If you have an acute life threatening problem then yes, our health care system responds well but even that care is compromised due to procedural and diagnostic delays.

Canada’s health care system is a joke. Why? Because it is government run. Just like their Cannabis file, the entire Canadian system is smoke and mirrors.

This is even richer

The President of the CBC Lives In Brooklyn and commutes to Ottawa.

The rules are meant for thee and not for me for I am an elite and considered essential and you’re not. So there!

BTW I make almost $450K a year and you don’t. So there!

Only in Canada you say.

And she has pink hair to boot.

Y’know, I don’t trust anyone who has pink hair or whose name in Lance.

And the richest of them all?

Notice the middle guy wearing the pearls. Yes the President or is it Chairman of the Communist Party of China, the man responsible for all of the shyte we are currently going through – photo-shopped in btw.

What a world we live in where a President wins the Nobel prize for doing nothing and a President elect is considered a Person of the Year for doing nothing and a tyrant is also considered Person of the Year (by many) for infecting millions and millions of people with the Wuhan virus, then lying about it (tongue in cheek). And Kamala??????

And yet no mention of the two scientists who invented the Covid vaccine. It wouldn’t have fit the progressive narrative to the folks at “Time.”

Oh wait. That yellow man is still president isn’t he?

Latest bit of 1984

YouTube (owned by google) takes down Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) video criticizing Democrats. Facebook censors anyone critical of Biden or Democrats.

That is why I am no longer on Facebook and why I no longer use google or Bing as my browser or search engine. You can do something you know to fight this madness.

My nomination for Person of the Year is:

See the source image

So there.