I Always Knew This

Truth be told:

I knew this all along having worked at Disneyland on the Rideau – Canada’s National Defense Headquarters – for 12 years:

“And I get paid $345K per year for being a talking head. Life is soo0 Covidly good, don’t ya know”

“We are the elites after all…and you’re not.”

As a Naval Officer Supervisor in Ottawa I had to write annual evaluation reports. There were 3 levels: Immediate Supervisor Comments (me) followed by Section Head comments, or second level review (me again) followed by the Director’s Comments or third level review (yes, me again). The Section Heads and Directors never, ever wrote anything on the people who worked for them. The First Level reviewer or immediate supervisor had to write all three levels on an individual so that video is of no surprise to me.

Or this: Unscripted Trudeau…makes no sense to me

Unscripted Obama:

or this:

He is pissed I tell ya cause I know that look first hand. His handler will be handed his walking papers.

Or this:

“Four more years of George!” So says President elect Frank!

And this reality: These guys never write their own speeches. They are like puppets.

Reality bites:

The big takeaway from the US election is that, as most predicted well over a year ago, whichever side lost was not going to accept the outcome. That’s been the case since Democrat Al Gore took the results of the 2000 presidential election to the Supreme Court. The 2016 presidential election wasn’t 10 minutes old before the Democratic Party stated that the results were tainted by Russian interference and this year the Republicans are disputing the results because of allegations of voter fraud and malfunctioning voting machines.

Non partisan objections.

So there!