On And On She Goes

I kid you not:

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In Australia a town named, as above, felt that they had to change the towns name. They did so. It is now called “Fucked.”

Heard in passing from one resident. “If we don’t change our name real fast we’ll all be fucked.”

Yes they were and yes they are and yes they did.

You know, nothing else really matters if you have food, clothing, shelter and… beauty:

Goodbye to 2020, the year when so much was said to so many by so few which was sooo wrong.

Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed worldwide. Of course some would say that abortion at any stage is not a death, or murder.

Was Ancient Greek Poet Homer a Civil War General? He Just Got Canceled in a Massachusetts School.

Hospitalizations in the UK in 2019 higher than in Covid year 2020. Say what? Wonder what the stats are for here?

Worst Governor In America (Cuomo)Prioritizes Drug Addicts Over Seniors For Vaccines. He will probably get the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Canada just announced latest Order of Canada recipients and not a single conservative leaning voice among them. Everything is politicized these days.

Under Biden get ready for a climate emergency.

Biden? Man Who Has Been In Government For Nearly 50 Years Promises To Fix Government.

This is rich. From the Dem leadership: “We have to come together as a nation and heal.” As only a Dem could say.

More to expect from a Dem presidency: proposed House Rules under Nancy Pelosi seek to erase gendered terms such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter.’ All religious terminology ordered to change for the Father, The Son and… what about the Holy Ghost?

Rules are for thee and not for mee:

Ontario finance minister enjoys Barbados holiday over Christmas. Likewise Quebec minister in St Bart’s, Alberta health minister in Hawaii and on an on she goes. NYC Mayor dances with his wife in Times Square while city residents ordered to stay at home and isolate in place.

Heard in passing: “We are all in this together you know.” as she looked at her $345K per year pay package.

And on and on she goes:

No, don’t go to San Francisco!

And for all those Trudeau liberal lovers out there:

“Read my lips. I will not raise taxes.” Remember this as you fill up with gas today.