Common Sense…Not

The #1 reason many people have lost any semblance of common sense is because the media has brainwashed them.

Quick example:

Florida New York
Population 21,477,737 19,453,561
Deaths 22,090 38,510
Deaths per 1M people 1,029 1,980

So New York state has almost twice the Covid deaths per capita than Florida yet Andrew Cuomo (New York) is praised by the media as a benevolent visionary and Ron DeSantis (Florida) is portrayed as a heartless villain.

It’s not working folks:

Scotland is the latest to weigh in on another total lockdown in order to – flatten the curve and to take the strain off of the National Health Services. Shops are closed and everyone is told to stay home.

Where have we heard that before. On another note the sale of haggis takes a shellacking. Sheep everywhere in Scotland are taking a breather.

On another, nother note: Sheep races across Scotland have been cancelled:

Sheep race organisers scrap event amid fears of ...


The problem is that our leadership do not know what to do……….anymore. They think we are all sheeple. Maybe we are.

Perhaps their music sucks:

“Wokeness continues to seep into the music industry, as three nominees for the Grammy Awards decline to accept the nomination for 2021 Best Children’s Album because all five nominees in the category are white.

Perhaps non whites don’t like children’s music but would prefer “Gangsta Rap” instead.

Snoop Dog and Coolio couldn’t be found for comment.


Speaking of music Gerry of Gerry and the Pacemakers has died. They had a wonderful string of hits and were in direct competition with the Beatles in the early 60s. Their most famous song being:

RIP Gerry. I know I am getting old as many of the icons of my youth are dying.

The US’ new Vice President select………….

Taking her cue from Obama, Kamala (Harris) Tells Tall Tale of How She Fell Out of a Stroller During Civil Rights March, Then Told Her Mom All She Wanted Was “Fweedom” – aahh…nice…but… her tale and uplifting story was lifted from 1965 Playboy Interview with MLK – Martin Luther King.

Whatever happened to our moral compass folks.

It would appear more and more of our leaders went away to warmer climes for the Christmas break. Here in Canada, I can’t say that I blame them:

We’re just jealous, that’s all.

Only in America do they elect a President who won more votes than any other Presidential candidate in their history and who did absolutely no campaigning whatsoever, letting the media do it all for him. Having a dishonest plagiarist in the Vice and a wife who demands to be called Doctor because of a Phd thesis in education that was fraught with spelling and grammatical errors and was taken out of a “cracker jacks” box.

Have a nice term America. You get what you deserve.

But hey, we’re all about inclusion…fraudulently speaking of course. And diversity as well as many of our fraudulent committee members were non white. “How else do ya think we could get into the black community.”

This should be a fun presidency to watch.

What Joe meant to say was………….

And the latest non white Grammy nomination in the Children’s Music Category is:

A sure winner.

And the frontrunner in the Grammy’s religious music category is:

Have a nice Tuesday.