Freedoms Just Another Word

I never ever thought I would see this in my country – Canada.

Thanks to Dennis Prager:

In Quebec this past weekend, as one can see on a viral video, a family was fined and members arrested because six — yes, six — people gathered to celebrate the new year. A neighbor snitched on them, and the celebrants were duly arrested. The Quebec government lauded the snitches and asked for more public “collaboration.”

Half of America, the non-left half, and Canada, is afraid to speak their minds at virtually every university, movie studio and large corporation — indeed, at virtually every place of work. Professors who say anything that offends the left fear being ostracized if they have tenure and being fired if they do not. People are socially ostracized, publicly shamed and/or fired for differing with Black Lives Matter, as America-hating and white-hating a group as has ever existed. And few Americans speak up. On the contrary, when BLM protestors demand that diners outside of restaurants raise their fists to show their support of BLM, nearly every diner does.

Canadians, like Americans, will rationalize anything if it means their own personal security. If one prefers personal security to personal freedom then one will lose their personal security through their loss of personal freedoms.

For freedoms just another word when there is nothing else to lose.

One of the biggest revelations concerns a question that has always plagued me: How does one explain the “good German,” the term used to describe the average, presumably decent German, who did nothing to hurt Jews but also did nothing to help them and did nothing to undermine the Nazi regime? The same question could be asked about the average Frenchman during the Vichy era, the average Russian under Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev and their successors, and the millions of others who did nothing to help their fellow citizens under oppressive dictatorships.

Well folks, seeing what is happening here and in America, one can understand the motivation of the good German, the good Frenchman, and the good Russian.

Sobering and I apologize:

Enjoy your freedom while you still can.