Watching things unfold in the US, I can only say that I have never ever seen or heard or read so much HATE in my entire 69 years on this planet.

I don’t agree with what Trump did, heck, I don’t even like the guy but it is not enough for Nazi Pelosi and her gang of thugs and bullies to let him go peacefully off into the night. She is the poster gal for Trump Derangement Syndrome – in spades. She has wanted to destroy him since his inauguration back in January 2017. She cannot stand this guy and everything he stands for. It is a sickness within her entire wretched being. This 80 year old cow will not rest until Trump’s name, persona, livelihood, wife, family, children, friends, business associates and interests are attacked and neutralized and destroyed.

I am even hearing things like reprogram camps being established to isolate and re-educate all of Trump’s supporters. That would be some 70 plus million people. They, the Dems, want to punish each and every one of the Trump supporters. Each and everyone who voted for Trump or is of a conservative bent. That can only mean one thing to me. Civil War. Families will be torn apart. Business lines will be drawn in the sand. Don’t forget that it was the Democratic Party that initiated the Civil War of 1861. Why? They did not want to end slavery and their wretched and disgusting way of life in the south was built on human misery. That is the Democratic Party.

Too bad and oh so sad. A crisis in confidence such as this, like the Covid emergency, brings out the best and worst in people. In Nazi Pelosi I am seeing the absolute worst aspects of human nature.

American is now in decline. The Dems have accepted garbage values as their core fundamentals. It is over for America. A bible prophecy is coming to pass as America is nowhere to be found in the final days.

Dems will now be in power in the US forever. Pity the next Republican presidential candidate. He or she will be destroyed by the Dem machine.

A quiet coup has been going on in the US for years now. Whoever controls the media and communication narrative controls everything. The Dems control all of the media and the narrative. They do not give too shits about the average American…only themselves and their power base.

This is the new face of the Democratic Party:

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See the source image                     Dem values.                                             Profound commentary.


Have fun in watching the decline of America.




Can wait. Sadly the same crap is happening here in Canada.