Except In The Capital

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Dem-o-crap speak.

The US’ new leadership…………..NICE!

There needs to be unrest in the streets….except in the Capital that is.

We need to defund the police…..except in the Capital that is.

Protesters should not let up…except in the Capital that is.

So, if they, the four witches of Eastwick can impeach Trump for inciting violence, why aren’t these four being impeached? Huh?

Many of the supporters of this current impeachment would themselves be impeached under their own vague definitions of “incitement” they now apply to Trump.

Maybe there will be…except in the Capital that is.

The real truth is out there and it will come out…except in the Capital that is.

Impeachment…trial without representation…guilty until proven innocent…only in the Capital that is.

Do not get on the wrong side of Nazi Pelosi. This woman exudes hatred…in every capital.

Dem-o-crap recruiting poster:

The left’s military arm and Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker was arrested for plotting to murder Trump supporters and police on Inauguration Day.

Still on twitter and Facebook, huh Nancy?

House Democrats filed articles of impeachment that explicitly blame President Trump for the Capitol riots, even though he never told his supporters to invade the Capitol. While the president’s exaggerated rhetoric inflamed the rioters, Democrats repeatedly did the same thing this summer. Before and after Black Lives Matter protests devolved into destructive and deadly riots, Democratic officials repeatedly claimed America suffers from “systemic racism” and institutionalized “white supremacy.”

A Dem-o-crap work in progress. Progressive:

No thanks. Thankfully I will be dead.