Electric Chaos

Check out these books by clicking on the links at the top of the page. Great reads.

About Monk’s Orchard:

I really enjoyed the story and the historical events of the era. Excellent read.
Your writing reminded me of John Jakes series of books The Kent Family Chronicles of American history . Yet, you put all the generations into one book, while he did a whole series of books.

About Kurofune:

The civilian horror that occurred during the final days of the Battle for Saipan left an indelible mark on the author’s sense of humanity in the world. It is a tragedy that he feels most people are not aware of. “Kurofune” tells the story of that tragedy against a backdrop of nationalism, military fanaticism, heroism and self sacrifice. Yet Kurofune is also a love story, a war story, a story of redemption and a story of rebirth.

These guys are so far out of touch it ain’t funny anymore.

California’s climate change commitments equate to a failed state;

Ontario’s climate change, green energy economy equates to a failed state;

Justin Trudeau’s climate change policies equate to the failed states of Alberta and Saskatchewan;

Now Kerry, the US’ climate Czar under Joe Biden, let them eat cake attitude:

John Kerry Suggests Oil Workers Laid Off Due to Biden Policies Should Make Solar Panels.

Sad looking dude isn’t he. Let them eat “code” he says. The green economy will equate to the ununited Failed States of America.

Solar and wind cannot cut it. Just look no further than the EU.

But they never learn.

Ya gets and deserves what / who ya votes for.

Only God can control our climate, not man. Beware of deceitful boasts from deceitful people.

These are real people. Their lives do matter.

A black construction worker on the Keystone XL Pipeline took to social media after Joe Biden and Democrats fired him and 10,000 co-workers this week so that Americans could pay more on their utility bills.

The man talks about his new car he will likely have to sell. Then he adds this,

“It just doesn’t f*ckin make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense. HOW! Did Donald Trump… I know how – They took it! They didn’t steal the election. When you steal something that’s when no one knows that you took it. But they outright boldly went in and said, “We’re gonna f*cking take this presidency from you. Screw the American people. Screw you, Donald Trump. Screw everybody! America last! Oh, and by the way, you guys are going to lose your job!” “

Listen up Trudeau / Biden et al. Your day of electoral reckoning will come if you don’t listen to the people you represent.

I will not buy an EV…not ever. It is all a big scam. Our electrical grid cannot handle things now. Imagine what is going to happen when 5 million EVs plug into the BC provincial grid at 6pm every night. Electric chaos.

Sad state of affairs.

Yes it is.