Guess who said this:

April 15 ABC Town Hall: “you can’t do it all by Executive Order unless of course you are a dictator.”

Yup… Joe Biden

And by den he had signed 30 Executive orders in his first week. By comparison Trump signed 5, Obama 4, George Bush o and Bill Clinton 1 (Shapiro, Jan 2021)

Like we already knew but had no proof.  This is not a conspiracy theory folks. Read the report, second link.

The site is: and the most damning of the supporting reports is

….this is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.
– Christiana Figueres UN IPCC, 2015

I mean, it’s the Great Transformation, it’s started, that’s what I would say. It’s begun. Not the way we expected, but it’s begun.
– Paul Dickinson, 27 March 2020

I. Introduction
There is a transnational global movement to facilitate a fundamental paradigm shift, a Great Transformation, to a new energy economy that will halt fossil fuel use and development, initially in the western world, in order to create a new global low-carbon, net-zero civilization. The first major petroleum industry target being used to accelerate this global transition is the Alberta oil sands. The anti-oil sands campaign has so far been successful in land-locking production, preventing new pipelines for Canadian consumption or export markets, intimidating investors, and influencing the Canadian government to support these policies. However, the current evolved strategy is not confined to Alberta; it is not about making Alberta or Canada suffer per se; it is about transforming the world and creating a new civilization that is not based on fossil fuels, which means all western economies will be impacted at some point. The global
movement is a psychological, political, and group process, rooted in progressivism, in order to get a critical mass of public support to fundamentally transform western industrial economies and societies. There are various ideas circulating for what will replace the current system, and
although there are differences amongst the various interested groups, they agree on the ultimate goal of ending capitalism and our modern way of life.

This has been called “The Great Transition”, “Paradigm Shift”, “Great Transformation”, “Global Phase Shift”, and many other labels. For the purposes of this report and consistency, Great Transformation will be the
preferred description. Although this inquiry has been overtaken by recent events caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this report provides timely insight into the nature, motivations, objectives, and strategies of the Transnational Progressive Movement to force or manufacture an energy

1 Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, Paul Dickinson, Outrage and Optimism Podcast, Season 2 #10
(45), 27 March 2020, “Corona and Climate (1): Coming Back Stronger,” 10:07. .

transition using the rationale of climate change, cultivating a cultural shift through media and the youth, and implementing various Green New Deals around the world to fundamentally transform the western industrial capitalist economic system. This report also sheds light on the trajectory of
changes proposed for the post-pandemic economic restructuring recovery, and how that will potentially impact Alberta’s energy industry and the viability of the province itself. Indeed, the very future of Alberta is at stake.
In order to effectively address this comprehensive international assault on Alberta’s and Canada’s energy industry, it is important to understand the motivations, structure, and strategies that are being pursued in manufacturing a new global energy transition. This is a long-term
international movement to facilitate a fundamental global paradigm shift. To contest it or resist it, one must understand it. To that end, drawing upon over a thousand website articles, newspaper articles, reports, speeches, video conference proceedings, academic journal articles, and books, this report is divided into six sections: the first establishes the background of the attack on Alberta’s oil sands within the context of the transnational movement to force an energy transition and a Great Transformation of the global economic system. The second examines the nature or motivation of the transnational progressive movement behind the Great Transformation, the climate rationale behind it, and the energy transition at its core. Next to be considered are the groups involved – how they work and communicate, the role of media organizations in shaping the narrative and promoting panic and a sense of emergency, the goals and processes for a cultural shift and the youth movement. The fourth section analyses the various Green New Deals and their common elements, the plans for implementation, and the conceivable impact on modern lifestyles afterwards. The fifth section will first briefly examine the timeframe of the movement’s goals and objectives, and then explore the effect of the coronavirus on the goals and timing of the Great Transformation; and finally, the last section will offer conclusions and recommendations for an Alberta and industry response to these developments in light of a hostile federal government firmly committed to the progressive agenda.2

2 Justin Trudeau, “The Promise of Progress,” in Global Progress: New Ideas for the Future of the Progressive Movement, (43-47), content/uploads/2016/03/03095509/021716-

GLOBALPROGRESS-web.pdf. Trudeau writes, “In Canada, the defense of liberty has a unique expression . . . it’s
about a deliberate and enduring commitment to build a progressive society. . . Canada is – and I hope will forever be
– a shining example of the progressive spirit.” (43-44)

Note the footnote above. Yet Trudeau continues to say how much he supports Canadians and their job.

Scary, and this could be Canada’s future under the Liberal’s progressive banner.

Poor Alberta.