Do What We Say

If social distancing is so effective then why do we have to wear a mask…huh?

If masks are so effective then why do we have to social distance…huh?

If masks are so effective then why are they now saying we should be wearing two masks…huh?

If wearing two masks are so effective then why does Fauci say we should be wearing three at a time…for fauc’s sake…huh?

My son’s bar follows all the protocols yet has been told to shut down for the Super Bowl…why…huh? Especially given this:

How I turned into a Lockdown meme | David MelloCostco during the lockdown…huh?

My feeling is that they…our leaders haven’t a clue as to what to do. Covid is an aerosol and highly contagious. Masks and social distancing do not work. That is my take and yes I follow the protocols because I am forced to.

And, if this is so dangerous why is the survival rate so high at 99.7 % among people 6o years and younger…huh?

And why do we have to shut down the entire economy for a morbidity rate of just 0.3%

Why did all blue states in the US lift their economic restrictions a few days after Biden was sworn if we’re all in this together…why…huh?

Why are we all in this together when our so called experts and leaders haven’t lost their six figure jobs…huh?

Why do they say we have to do more when we are doing all that we possibly can…now…huh?

If non essential domestic and international travel is banned in Canada then why does out government still allow international flights to arrive here from China, Europe and Haiti, knowing full well that many are Covid infected…huh.

Biden, with his LGBTQ+ Executive Order, just cancelled women in the US…why…huh?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

How about you??