Fact Or Fiction

In her latest video interview the influential professor, Dolores Cahill,  a professor at University College Dublin and recognized international expert in this field, predicts deaths will occur around the world as a direct consequence of taking the COVID-19 vaccines. She makes this grim prediction based on what is known already about the vaccines, their rushed development and the entirely novel approach using M-RNA instead of conventional antibodies.

Most progressives are violently against genetically modified food yet will willingly take a genetically modified molecular organism that is the M-RNA into their bodies to fight Covid 19.

M-RNA is not a vaccine. It becomes part of who you are. Part of your genetic code. Your DNA.

Result? She doesn’t follow the accepted global narrative thus she was fired from her position and discredited by the EU.

What to make of this conspiracy theory?

Population control:

Launch new virus on the world then introduce a new method of battling the virus through genetic manipulation via a M-RNA process. Within a few years millions of people begin to die as a result of this new operating system within the body.

Voila.  Population control? Mission accomplished.

I just took off my foil hat. Y’know the one with the two antennas:

New Scientist | Blogging with Parkinson's

I think I am going to wait for the more traditional and conventional anti-body vaccine. Canada is developing one you know called Novavax.

Novavax’s subunit vaccine approach is a tried and true method for generating effective vaccines. Modern flu vaccines, HPV vaccines, and HepB vaccines all use a similar approach. But because these vaccines have multiple components—the spike protein and the adjuvant—they typically take longer to make than other vaccine types. That makes it surprising that 20-year-old Novavax, which has never produced a vaccine that’s reached the public before, made it to late-stage clinical trials so quickly.

Cancel Culture:

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Can’t wait for the shot. Can you?