I Am Concerned.

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It’s a start:

A leaked Feb. 1 memo from Laurentian University president Robert Haché said it took the step of the CCAA filing because “despite Laurentian’s best efforts, the university has not been able to achieve the type of cost-cutting and restructuring measures to position it for future success outside of this type of formal proceeding.

Laurentian offers 28 gender studies courses, so maybe that will pull them out of the financial fire. Or that other job worthy degree in anthropology – or philosophy…eh Ted?

Give me a break!

A veteran comedy troupe out of Toronto tried the virtue signaling route following the rise of Black Lives Matter.

When that failed to solve racism in the Great White North, The Sketchersons took extreme measures. The long-running Canadian group canceled itself before the woke mob could do it for them.

The Toronto-based group shared the grim news on social media late last month. The post revealed why its initial embrace of BLM proved insufficient, and how it forced them to crunch the numbers on its diverse lineup.

Or lack of a diverse lineup, as they saw it.

Perhaps…just maybe… they sucked……..just saying that’s all.

Readers unmoved by wokeness may be inclined to point out that a way to overcome “alienation” – here, it seems, a euphemism for ignorance – is via students learning things, perhaps even words.

These woke guys and gals would love the Navy – acronym city. I know I once wrote a sentence with about eight acronyms in it. Maritime jargon. The scary thing about that was that all of my mates understood exactly what I was saying with those words…yikes.

“I decided to resign my position to spend more time with my family”

Timing is everything:

Interesting that this guy retired just a few months before this story of alleged misbehavior with female subordinates came out…yeah right.

I don’t trust any male whose name is Vance…or Lance…or Myles for that matter:

Chief of Defence Staff Adm. Art McDonald says the military will investigate allegations of inappropriate behaviour by former Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance.

Wow. Yes siree, no siree, your bags now full of shyte soiree. Enjoy that pension.

It comes after exclusive reporting by Global News into allegations that Vance engaged in inappropriate behaviour with two female subordinates, including an alleged intimate relationship with a subordinate while he was in the top post.

Typical Liberal speak remarks by the Minister of National Defence, after this story broke? “I am concerned.” I can tell you  that this guy knew about this months ago, hence the retirement announcement a few months back.

Wonder what her name is. Gladys perhaps?

Great song from 1971