Akara-Hime…Part 7

From my new book, currently being written. Hope to have it completed by next summer. It is in rough draft. It has not been edited as yet.

Writing like this gives me a nice and welcome respite from the Covid 19 madness. I can escape to my own world of past adventures and excitement without a care in the world.

Looking back to the west and north from my position all one could see was an array of masts. It resembled a steel or aluminum forest and like the trees of a forest these masts swayed from side to side as the soft trades blew in from the Northeast. The yacht basin was well protected from the elements but the boats still moved up and down or from side to side in their berths with the fluid motion of a water’s wake, as the various boats moved in and out of their berths, or navigated the access channels that separated each of the docks. There was a way out of the various slips and moorage to the open sea but this transit was not obvious to me at the time from my vantage point. The other interesting thing was the clanging sound. Loose halyards or those lines that raised and lowered the sails would slap against the metal masts whenever the wind piped up. Pity the poor man who failed to secure their running, er loose, rigging in a wind, or worse still, in a gale. The wrath of old Neptune himself or in this case the Harbour Master, or nautical neighbour would come down on you like some ancient mariner before the mast. A mariner’s no no. Especially during the night while trying to sleep. Worse if one had a headache to boot.

“Good mornin.”

A sound, a voice, my neighbour as it turned out.

“Hello, ah good mornin.” I said as I turned toward the sound.

“Haven’t seen you before. Saw the boat come in with a crew a few weeks back. They’re gone now except for Nigel. The British guy. Do ya know Nigel?” He asked.

“Yes, yes I do. And you are?” I queried. Just then the forward hatch opened and out came a head. Youngish, bleached blond…long hair, tanned and smiling face he saluted me, a two fingered salute.

“Sorry, I didn’t see ya…” I paused. “My name is Jim. I am Mary’s brother, Sid’s brother-in-law.”

“Right. Ah yeah, from Vancouver. Sid’s Japanese. Married to Mary. They have a little one too.”

That was true. My sister gave birth about a year ago. That is why she did not sail with Sid to Hawaii. At the best of times Mary was very uncomfortable sailing. Being with an infant on the open ocean would have made it that much more dangerous and foolhardy.

“They’re in Japan now I think. Sid gave it up. Chronic sea sickness. So I was asked to help Nigel sail the boat to Japan. I couldn’t say no to that.”

He just looked at me but said nothing. Smiled then continued. “Welcome to Hawaii Jim. My name is Brett. Brett Johnson. I live here in Honolulu. Am a member of the yacht club. This here is “Julia” is my home away from home.

“I do believe you have visitor privileges at the club for a few months.”

What does that mean?” I asked.

“This berth here. G35 is yours for the time being. You have clubhouse access too. Showers, heads and wash-places. Bar and restaurant.  Guest membership privileges. I do believe you can join if there is room and if you are sponsored. I am sure Nigel is aware of all of this.”

“Not sure about that Brett. I haven’t seen Nigel since I got here yesterday afternoon. We chatted for a brief spell then he disappeared. I was very tired so I crashed and slept through the night.”

“I believe he has a Brit friend over somewhere on “B” dock.” Brett said. A couple I believe, from London, that he has been spending some time with shortly after he arrived and after Mary and Sid left. There are also a number of Aussies and Kiwis here as well as you should soon find out. Kind of a Commonwealth cruising and social club. But I am sure that you will get to meet many of them in due course.

A pause. Then,

“Well Jim. Nice to have met you. I must get back to what I was doing here.” he glanced at his watch. “It is still way too early.” He chuckled. “Working on a boat is all too difficult because to the many distractions, such as chiun music with strangers such as yourself. But all very welcoming I must say.|” He added:

“Go on up to the clubhouse. They have a good breakfast special there.”

“I will, thanks.” and with that Brett disappeared below “Julie’s” deck. Julie, I thought, hmm, nice name for a sailboat. Short and memorable. Wonder what the history is behind that one?

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Hope you are enjoying these short snippets.