End of Days

Let them eat cake.

Just biden their time until it warms up.

Who would have ever thought it would come to this:

Expat Californians in Texas feel right at home during Texan blackouts during one to the coldest snaps in their history. Texas is big on everything including their power grid failures

But, but big Al said snow and ice would be a thing of the past:

“Snow Takes Down Green Energy Wind Turbines and Solar Panels In US and the World.”

The deception of false prophets such as Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab is beyond belief.

Al Gore

See the source imageoops sorry, that’s his brother Frank Gore

See the source image

Al Gore and his end of times.

Bill Gates

Image result for Bill Gates EducationBilly boy. DOS…Duh!

or Klaus baby..

See the source image

Hitler couldn’t do it so I……………………….

or John…”I never looks you in the eye”…Kerry

Or learn to code….by the way, what is an existential threat anyway?

This is an existential threat in my view:

See the source imageCould it be?

See ya and have a nice day: