Covid Crap

“It is a threat of the highest order to the country, and indeed to the world.” “The undisputed existence of a threat to the future of humanity cannot be ignored.”

I thought Covid was.

Who do you think produced these lines: Did they come from Greta Thunberg’s Twitter account? Or maybe they’re excerpts of a Greenpeace Canada press release? A statement from a Green Party MP, perhaps? Nope. These words came from the Supreme Court of Canada in their 6-3 decision for the constitutionality of Trudeau’s Carbon Tax.

Since when did supreme court judges become politicized? Since when did they allow their own personal biases to dictate their decisions on matters of government policy?

This is the world we now live in. Woke up people.

We no longer have leadership in this country of ours.

So, over 85% of Covid deaths in Canada are of people over 75. Right now in BC almost 100% of people over 75 have been vaccinated. Result? More effin lockdowns. Ban everything until April 19. On the 18th of April it will be mid May, then June and on and on she goes. This is insane government policy that is not based on anything but fear. Certainly not on fact.

We no longer have leadership in this province.

Taxpayers on the hook for MPs raises of up to $6,400 on Thursday

Why are they smiling? Well, while you and I are suffering through this lockdown, and while many Canadians out there have lost their ability to earn a living, they just gave themselves a $6,400.00 raise in pay.

Ottawa is bereft of leadership.

Hey, we banned, or should I say, the government banned plastic straws.


More than 1.5 billion face masks will pollute oceans this year, report says.


Let’s ban face masks to save the planet.

Let’s see. We wear masks, we social distance ourselves, we follow the government’s regulations. Result.


Perhaps, these measures do not work. Just sayin.

Conservative MP Derik Sloan dares to criticize Dr. Tam, Canada’s chief medical officer. Result? Fired from his party, called a racist, bigot etc.

Lefty Journalist Don Martin criticizes Dr. Tam. Result? Journalistic award given.

Wokeness has killed thousands of people. Just keep scaring us, government and the press.

I have done this before but it deserves repeating. How many Canadians remember their history and the 1837 rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. These rebellions came about because of the so called Family Compact that governed this young country. The “Family”  consisted of a group of elitists for the times that controlled everything. It was a scratch my back, I’ll scratch your kind of thing. Fast forward 184 years and what do we have here in Canada? A Family Compact running this country. This time the Compact consists of the Liberal Left, as in:

Government: Left

Judiciary: Left

Press: Left

Academia: Left

Cultural: Left

Voting population: 65% Left

What’s left?

There is no opposing voices in this country and that is bad.

Oppose? You are cancelled.

Hey, if the government prints more money whenever they need it then why do we have to pay taxes? Just print more money. Just sayin.

Defending free speech is now considered racist.

I’m a racist, white priveledged dude and proud of it. So there.

I didn’t know Jeff Daniels was a singer:



Kauai: Heaven On Earth

Another excerpt from the book I m working on. It is in draft so be kind with any issues here:

Late afternoon, looking out over the harbor, to the north of us, I noticed an opening.

I said “Hey Nina, there appears to be a river over there. Maybe a small creek. I think I am going to go and explore it.”

“I’m coming” Nina said.

Off we went in Akaru’s punt with me rowing as she lay back in the dinghy at the stern, her legs spread out with her arms swaying to an invisible inaudible hula, as if she was some Hawaiian princess. It was a river…indeed the Wailua River, as it turned out. A soft green sheen reflection off the water. It was narrow, deep, almost canal like, as it weaved and meandered peacefully through a very lush and very colorful landscape. Greens, and reds, browns and deep scarlet blooms, with an array of colorful flowers and ferns, none of which I knew the names of. Both sides of the banks were low and covered in hard packed red sand resembling ochre that could have been used as an adornment by the old Hawaiian Kings, their Queens and Royalty. The river water lapped up and onto these banks as the soft wake from our dinghy’s movement graced the shore as every ripple spread out to our left and right. Beyond the banks were large meadows with long green grass, butting up to banyan trees that were indicative of the Hawaiian panorama. The cool, cool shade of the banyan tree, with its wide green canopy, protecting all who were fortunate to be welcomed by its protective shade. The odd palm, coconut and royal, not native mind you but imported from Polynesia, could be seen on both sides but well back from the river. And off to the west and north of us you could see some distance hills that arose from green mossy lower slopes into a greyish black charcoal mass of sharp, edged crags, dry hard rivulets and steep cliffs that formed a backdrop and contrast against a blue sky that framed this wonderful country. Some of these peaks were graced with fluffy white cumulus clouds that seemed to float effortlessly skyward as if they were but white feathers dispersed with every breath of a airy updraft that swept them up, and then over the crests of these hills. Further west and north you could see the peak of Mount Wai’ale’ale. Covered by dark and menacing storm clouds. To the east of us there were lowlands that ran to and bordered the blue Pacific beyond. And this Wailua River? Its flow was peaceful and sleepy. It took us toward the northern part of the island. The Wailua, the only navigable river on Kauai. From our perspective we did indeed find ourselves bound within an earthly Garden of Eden. Kauai was the Hawaiian Garden Isle. It was God’s gift to the Hawaiian people with their pagan interpretation of their deity. But for God’ s salvation sake it was only necessary for them to keep their own faith and beliefs and be righteous underneath their god’s light.

After a couple of bends to the right, right again and then left, Nina motioned me to row toward a clearing that she saw on the right bank of the river. This I did but in the blind as my back was to our course upriver from her direction. Giggling, then laughing, as our little dinghy came to rest up on to a small red sandy strip. I got out, then Nina and we pulled the dinghy to a safe berth out of the water and on to dry land. I tied it off to the trunk of a palm, the shaft of which was bent out then up and over the river. There was a small clearing that was perfect for us to sit, lay and relax under the warmth of the late afternoon tropical sun. Beside me Nina lay, stretched out, her eyes closed with a broad smile of contentment and happiness that could be discerned by the features of her youthful face. The soft light of the afternoon sun highlighted her natural tan. To me, she was perfect. A real Hawaiian Princess.

“What?” she opened her eyes and looked at me above her studying her every feature. Embarrassed, I turned away and couched my head into the crux of my left arm.

“Nothing Nina. Just thinking. It is so peaceful here…so beautiful.”

“Mmmm, yes it is.” she moaned, as if she was caught within the confusion of a conscious thought and unconscious sleep.

After a few minutes I got up and walked over to the river bank. Looked around. To my right there was what appeared to be a weathered path that followed the course of the river.

“Nina, get up, let’s follow this path here and see where it goes.”

Nina stretched her arms high above her head with clasped hands and intertwined fingers. She then gasped, shook the late afternoon tiredness from her being and came over and joined me. Together we began to walk that path.

After about thirty minutes we could hear a light whooshing, rumbling, splashing sound ahead of us. We looked at one another without making a sound. Could this be the sound of a Hawaiian legend? Of Pele looking for her lover? Who knows? But in an instant the landscape ahead of us opened up to this large, wonderful vista. The Wailua river transformed itself into a cascading freefall over a cliff that was just to the left of our pathway. Not very big mind you but big enough to form a beautiful waterfall. “Whooo-ee” Nina screamed then ran ahead of me…down but not terribly so to a flat sand bar at the bottom of the cliff. I followed suit but my cautious nature had me tread gingerly down the path. It was slippery after all.  It didn’t matter to Nina. At the bottom, with the waterfall to our left was a large pool that captured the cascade above us. The water was an emerald green colour but graced with a bluish turquoise hue. A rainbow, a perpetual beautiful rainbow, with all of the colors, hung magically and perpendicularly across the face of the fall, forming a perfect arc across and through the mist. Behind the sheen and veil you could make out the  smooth, brownish grey rock face, the backbone of the hill that formed the cliff and waterfall.

Nina screamed with delight. On some flat rock that framed the east side of the pool, she stripped down, naked to me.

“Oh Jimmy” she exclaimed “this is so wonderful, so magical, mystical, whoa–wee. I am so happy, so excited here. A gift. A gift to us from the Hawaiian gods Jimmy.  Oh to my God…a gift to share with us.” And with that she dove off of the rocks and into the pool. Her tanned bottom that last thing I saw. She surfaced a few yards out with her beautiful back behind me, turned toward me, and screamed…a happy, happy excitable scream. Nina smiled such a broad smile. At this very moment in time, to me, she was perfect. And she was with me. Thank you God for thinking about me.

I stripped as fast as I could, hobbling on one leg in my excitement to get my runners off. Then a short run and off I went. Into this magical pool of enchantment with a girl that I was beginning to fall for. A cannonball for heaven’s sake. I had a juvenile mind I must admit. The water was so fresh and clean especially after our salt water bath. Surfacing, I swam over to Nina but stayed a respectable distance away. Shyness was drowning me. I just stood there in one place treading water and watching her. Scared, but in a good way. Nervous. Nina disappeared below the water and then rose behind me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, turned me ever so gently so that we were facing each other, and then held me close, smiling at me. Her deep blue eyes drew me in to her as if I was caught in a barb and being reeled into a net. I had no control. The water around her, the waterfall, the rainbow colors, the mist, the mountains around us and the outflow of the cool refreshing water of the Wailua was nature’s aphrodisiac. I was trapped, nervous with anticipation and helpless all the same but willing and able. Nina drew me close to her. I could smell her sweet warm breath on my face. Closer and closer and closer to her. Suddenly her broad, almost comical smile disappeared. She closed her eyes and drew me to her mouth, her arms and hands firmly placed behind her neck. We kissed – a long sweet embrace. I could feel the warmth of her breath and her nudeness all around me – envelop me, even with the cool ambient temperature of the pool. This was indeed paradise. If heaven is even close to this…..

“This is our heaven. Jim.” she whispered to me. “Never forget this place of ours.”

She broke off, looked at me affectionately. We kissed again and again and again. I couldn’t get enough. Our naked bodies were synergistically joined. Her warmth stoked my body’s heat. I was happy, and excited and extremely happy. Nina likes me. I thought. I think I love her.

All at once Nina said.

“We have to go. It will be dark soon. Dusk in the tropics does not last long.”

Without saying a word we swam back to the rock ledge. Up I went, put on my trunks and tee and runners. Nina smiled mischievously at me.

“Turn around.” she ordered and smiled again. I complied.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Up the bank we went to the crest of the falls. Along the path back to the clearing. I don’t think I remembered that walk at all as I was lost in the romantic spell of the place. Kauai will always be to me the “Enchanted Isle.” All I could think about was Nina. A perfect day.

In short order we were back at Akaru-Hime. Good thing too as it was getting very dark. Angie had some burgers on, with some salad. Nigel just sat aft in the cockpit nursing a scotch. He acknowledged Nina but not me. Don’t know why.



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California Dreamin

To all beef, cattle farmers out there: STANBY FOR HEAVY ROLLING:

Emissions of beef cattle methane by flatulating has been a humorous but misleading accusation. About one half of the emissions of GHG by beef cattle is from methane whose half-life is about 10 years. Whereas, Carbon Dioxide life in the atmosphere is pretty much forever. Focusing on methane production as a major culprit is not a useful solution to the GHG problem.
Waving the banner of reducing beef cattle and meat consumption is not the silver bullet many would lead you to believe. The focus should be on transportation and energy production, not taking away my “Big Mac” with slick promotions from Hollywood, social media and environmental organizations.
See the source image
Say whaaaaat.
On another note California Gov Newsom has signed  on to the farting Climate Change initiative with his signing of an executive order banning breathing for 2-3 minutes at a time. To reduce the CO2 emissions from humans, Californians will be forced to hold their breaths between each intake of oxygenated air. Unfortunately for the Climate Change conglomeration the Californian’s exhaled CO2 is taking the path of least resistance and coming out of their asses in the form of a fiery flatulence. A scientific model has been developed by MIT to illustrate the problem now facing the state:
See the source image  equates toSee the source image
“We’ll have to find a way to harness that energy.” Newsom added  “It could be used to heat our homes:”
See the source imagePee-you.
The EPA’s response: “Wear a mask and social distance yourself.”

Yeah, that should work:
Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes, so says an NBC story.
Starving artist? San Fran is calling:
More than a hundred San Fran based California artists will be guaranteed $1,000 a month in no-strings-attached cash, the latest in a series of universal basic income pilot programs being rolled out across the state, according to a report. For stuff like this:
See the source image
“So, like, how are we going to afford this like progressive initiative?” One progressive dude was heard to ask.
“We’ll, like, just print more money.” A state legislature progressive answered. “Gotta like that.”
See the source image
New style of wallpaper being introduced in California. It is called “Banknote.”



The Secret Cone Of Silence

Bernie Sanders says he doesn’t “feel comfortable” with social media ban on Trump…”cause I have no one to trash anymore. And, they may come after me next.”

“Let them eat cake,” so says John Kerry, Biden’s climate change czar when asked about the thousands of lost jobs due to Biden’s cancellation of the keystone pipeline. “They can all be employed making solar panels.” “Psst, John, eh John.” an aide said. “Yeah, yeah, what is it.” “All of our solar panels are made in China.” “Oh, well learn to code then.”

And how was your day?

New Zealand hospitals are overwhelmed and cannot handle things:

“Patients are stuck. They’re in corridors. They’re spending six, eight, 12 hours in the emergency department where we’re forced to try and provide them longitudinal care,” Dr Bonning said. “We do not have the latitude to do that.”

Some ED shifts were functioning with only two thirds of their normal number of nurses. We had to get out the Viagra as our Cialis stockpile withered.

BTW, this has nothing to do with Covid.

Biden holds secret meeting with “historians” to discuss how fast is too fast to push through his agenda, may end filibuster.

“This isn’t me you know. I am a secret after all. That is why I wear this mask. To hide who I really am.”

Biden holds secret meeting with “historians” to discuss how fast is too fast to push through his agenda, may end filibuster

“Thank you very much, thank you very much.”

President Biden has left the building.

Imagine if that had been Trump.

Biden’s favourite song:


Hats Off to Biden

Very interesting. From Instapundit.

THE WORST SCANDAL OF THE PANDEMIC: Death and Lockdowns. There’s still no proof that lockdowns save lives but plenty of evidence that they end them, as I found by looking at the toll of “excess deaths” during the pandemic. Last year in the United States  there were 130,000 more deaths than normal that were not attributed to the coronavirus.

These excess deaths occurred disproportionately among the young and middle-aged, minorities and low-income workers — groups hit especially hard by the lockdowns. The toll has been especially high in locked-down California but not in unlocked Florida. The mortality rate among younger people soared in America but not in Sweden, where it has been below normal.  All of which confirms that the lockdowns are “trickle-down epidemiology” — protecting the laptop class at the expense of the working class — and constitute one of the greatest public-health mistakes in history.

Nuts? So says smug Canadians.

Biden’s Border Kids:

Where’s Trump when you need him…to blame?

What I learned at University:

Wife…..Ellen Kahn, the senior director of programs and partnerships at the Human Rights Campaign, explains why the term upsets her — and my — feminist sensibilities, noting that her ears “pricked up” when she started noticing young LGBTQ people using it. “As a woman, as a lesbian, as a gender nonconforming person, my coming of age is tied up in second wave lesbian feminism and so much of that ethos is around crushing the patriarchy or dismantling male supremacy,” she tells me. “So being a ‘wife’ was seen as this confining, limiting, almost belittling sort of term.” Oh those toxic males.

Poor you. No doubt she holds a degree in woman’s studies.

To me the term “lesbian’s wife” is an oxymoron.

It is like saying: “I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.”

Who would’ve thunk it? “People are the new dope.” Mexican cartels are seizing on Biden’s lax border policies to run multimillion-dollar human trafficking scheme and are using families as DECOYS to smuggle single adults and drugs from elsewhere.

Biden’s intent to destroy everything Trump did threatens mid east peace. Next up? US Embassy in Jerusalem set to move back to Tel Aviv.

Biden Torpedoes Abraham Accords Summit. The new administration turns its back on peace between Israel and Arab states (that Trump brokered) in order to pursue deal with Iran.

Why are the Dems so obsessed with Iran and the two state solution? Don’t know but they are playing a most dangerous game.

The video sucks but the song ain’t bad. Good Canadian 80’s tune.