Make Mine A Double

Damn right. The way things are going right now I am going to get mine soon.

I want a double gauge, crowd dispersal model.

Did you know that:

It is now racist to argue that mathematics yields right and wrong answers.

So 1+1 is 11. And 2+2 is equal to 22. And the Pythagorean theory is just pie in the sky and Archimedes was some Greek psycho who loved taking a bath. Eureka he cried to his wife who answered: “you don’t smell so well yourself.”

Eee gads.

It is now racist to request that job offers be based on the merits of an individual’s dossier rather than on the use of immutable traits.

Oh you mean like Trudeau’s cabinet choices?

Racist, racist, racist I tell you:

“Judge not a man or woman by the colour of their skin but by the character of their hearts.”

Dream on racist ass-wipe. Black appropriator you.

Say it isn’t so Joe. I wanna get off the planet now:

Another day, another cancellation.

Yesterday, it was Mr. Potato Head. Today, it’s Dr. Seuss.

March 2 marks Read Across America Day, a national recognition of Dr. Seuss’ birthday for more than 20 years. Now, a liberal educator group dubbed “Learning for Justice” is demanding Dr. Seuss‘ books be stripped from school libraries because of their “racial undertones.”

They are too white.

Children are colour blind you know.

Australian media slam Justin Trudeau for abstaining vote against China, calls his government the most pathetic in the history of the Five Eyes

Justin Trudeau

But, um but,but, um, ah but…but hey. My “Potato Head” has been degenderized. That is real liberal progress in my little mind.

On another note Canadian PPE manufacturers cannot sell their millions of PPE directly to hospitals. Why? Because the PPE has to come from China.

Canadian shipbuilding and procurement is a national disgrace. It always has been because of Liberal nepotism and incompetence. “We just do not understand Archimedes and the laws of buoyancy.”


Yes, we are stinking (sic) and we are doomed.

The new liberal generation:


We are doomed.

We ARE doomed:

The House of Representatives passed legislation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. It expands the US Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include protections on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. It also would prohibit such discrimination in public places, on transportation, and in government-funded programs in toilets and on the playing field. Your daughters have no chouice to share a bathroom with biological males who identify as females. They will also have to allow biological males who ID as females to compete in woman’s sports.

Democrats, with help from the liberal media propaganda ministry, have branded any questioning of the 2020 election being “stolen” as “The Big Lie.” They have successfully tied the “Big Lie” to “Inciting Insurrection” in their second impeachment of President Trump. Now, they want to use repeating the “Big Lie” in and of itself to expel Republicans from Congress. That witch bitch Nancy Pelosi has been threatening to prosecute any Republicans who challenged the 2020 election results to expel them from Congress. What about their constituents Nancy? Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but generally whacko wants to create lists of anyone who support Trump.

That would be a list of over 78 million names AOC.

Smells of Nazis. Then again the Nazis were social democrats, just like….

See the source image

Wake up America to what’s coming your way.