America’s Equity Bill expands and protects so called civil rights, particularly of a sexual nature except it does not address Class Rights and Class discrimination:

“Political discrimination is pervasive: 4 in 10 American academics indicated in a survey this summer that they would not hire a known Trump supporter for a job. In Canada, the share is 45%, while in Britain, 1 in 3 academics wouldn’t hire a Brexit supporter. Between one-fifth and half of academics and graduate students are willing to discriminate against right-leaning grant applications, journal submissions and promotion cases. On a four-person panel, this virtually guarantees that a conservative will face discrimination.”

In other words, if you are white and conservative, you need not apply. In Canada, in government, if you are white and anglo, you need not apply….SAD!

There Is No Such Thing as “White” Math.

“No, it’s brown because it’s the shits!”

I naively believed that STEM would be spared from the ideological takeover. I was wrong.

Because it’s 2021.

Thus just in…from Australia…about Canada.

Probably the most pathetic incompetent government we have ever had in the history of the “Five Eyes” intelligence organization.

Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes……………….


Texas is 100% open for business and no masks allowed. Finally, some sanity.

Woman quits the climate movement because there are too many white people involved. Say what “So when does climate care if you are black, brown or white”

Like a boxer, you are being deceived.

Probably have an election this spring as noted by a Japanese reporter who asked this very question to Justin at a recent new conference:

“Mr Plime Minister. Is Canada going to have an erection this spling?”