Anti-Racist Racism

Is that a “Leafs” hat that guy is wearing? If so, do not let him in.

Whew, it’s a cannabis symbol. Coming to Canada no doubt. Canada is open to anyone as True-dough reminds everyone who won’t listen.

They love that Canadian staple: Pineapple pizza.

While Taiwan is best known internationally for its thriving tech companies, the sub-tropical island has a flourishing fruit industry. Last year, more than 90 per cent of its exported pineapples went to China.

China has just banned the import of Taiwan Pizza. No problem, Canada will take them as Canada is open to anyone as True-pizza-dough loved to remind everyone who will not listen.

Cancel culture cancels Dr Seuss books as having racist undertones. Next? …The Bible. Too many begets to begin with…so cancel Jesus.

Law of unintended progressive consequences. Sales of Dr Seuss books skyrocket on Amazon…Yay.

Show me an anti-racist and I’ll show you a racist:

Canada is systemically a racist country. So says Truedope. “So, from now on only female, people of color, indigenous and Franco’s can apply for government jobs. White male unilingual Anglo Canadians need not apply.”

“Math is a reflection of white supremacy.” so says anti-racist academics

There is no such thing as “white” mathematics. There is no reason to assume, as the activists do, that minority kids are not capable of mathematics or of finding the “right answers.” And there can be no justification for, in the name of “equity” or anything else, depriving students of the rigorous education that they need to succeed. The real antiracists will stand up and oppose this nonsense.

Therefore I says to you. 2  + 2 = 4. But not to a African American:

2 dudes + 2 motherf%$kers = a gang bro…therefore there is no right answer to minorities’ version of math as a gang could be 5, 6 or 10 dudes, bros and or motherf^%kers man.

What the antiracist is saying here is that math is hard and African Americans and other minorities are too dumb to learn or accept righteous mathematics. In their anti-racist minds math is too white. And I says it’s not too white cause I hated math in school. To me math was the shits and therefore to me math is brown, not white.

Same with grammar. It’s too white man. here are some bro truths dude and dudesses.

Texas opens up 100% and drops mask mandate across the state. Dems are in a hissy fit, particularly Alexandra Occasionally Cortez but Generally Whacko. Mississippi and Florida follow suit. Being conservative states their governments trust their citizens to do the right thing whereas progressive states do not trust their citizenship. AOC says that the Texas governor doesn’t understand the science. I says that AOC doesn’t understand science. She cannot even spell it because to her antiracist beliefs science is too white and reflects white supremacy. She is the ultimate oxy-moron.

Sad…eh Nance?

Who is controlling who here?


by progressives.