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“Europe has been laid low by a heady brew of bureaucracy, over-regulation, over-taxation and debt. A crisis of political leadership has in turn produced a deficiency of bold, innovative ideas, a shortage of vision and a huge expansion of government intervention.”

The result is a proliferation of what have come to be known as zombie companies.

And, like a very good team player and not to be outdone, Canada has joined the ranks of zombie companies, some of which have issued 100 year bonds…yikes. Then again not to be outdone by Europe, Canada has a zombie government…the Liberals…and a zombie Prime Minister having large amounts of debt (check), low levels of profitability (check), no capital for growth (check) just promises (cheques in the mail), meaning they effectively produce nothing (check). They survive because they get some sort of cash, often from the taxpayer, which enables them to pay the interest on their debt but get nothing done because they have no capital. Creditors, or the Canadian taxpayer, allows them to continue existing by continually re-electing them for as long as they continue to pay interest.

Online retailer eBay, Amazon and others are removing several Dr. Seuss books from its website that are no longer being published…due to socialist racial undertones…yet….

A leftist best seller:

Mein Kampf

50 million bodies and counting.

The world has gone insane. Next up…madness.

Only in Canada. Vee are zee experts zo vee know better:

A two-hour drive stands between John Suderman and his vaccine.

The 91-year-old Dauphin resident is currently eligible to be immunized against COVID-19 but he needs to get to a vaccination clinic because he lives on his own.

With the nearest immunization site in Brandon, Suderman plans to do the drive himself, but says it doesn’t make sense that he can’t show up at a local seniors’ residence to be vaccinated along with residents.

The inability of those in charge to in anyway improvise or colour outside a very narrow set of lines is breathtaking to behold.

As is the cognitive ability and common sense of a 91 year old in comparison to a small army of highly paid, highly credentialed, highly educated nitwits.

Yeah… but we’re Canadian nitwits so we are so much better than those American dimwits…don’t ya know.

“Mommy, mommy, whaaaaaaaaaaa, those big bad bully Americans won’t give us any of their vaccines. They want to make sure Americans are vaccinated first. First…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

“But Trudeau has such dreamy hair Billy,” mommy said. We’re so much better than those dastardly Americans, don’t ya know Billy. We are so more incompetent than they are:”

About the only thing the Trudeau government pissed…erm…passed. Stoners…all of them.

Cheech & Chong – Lost Due to Incompetence (Theme For A Big Green Van)

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