It’s My Life

Those dastardly evil oil and gas companies’ technology. Amazing

Love this:

Canadians are sheeple and will follow anybody over the cliff without question. Whatever happened to critical thinking in this country?

‘It’s infuriating’: Constituents of Ontario MPP Randy Hillier call for his removal. Why? Because he is questioning the draconian measures in place to lock down the Ontario economy and they, the constituents, don’t like his stance on this one bit.

See the source imageToo late.


Some Ontario C-19 stats:

87% of all C-19 mortality in the province occurs in the 70+ ages and infirm. (55% of the 87% were in LTC facilities (just 78k residents)).

70+ is just 12% of the population, or 1.8m people.

69&Under mortality rate: 0.22%, 49&U mortality rate: .03%.

0 “of COVID” child deaths

It should be a focused response. Almost all of the LTC at risk people have been vaccinated. Given the low risks of the other age groups, open up the damn economy.

Oh to live in Texas.

“It’s Your Life. Reclaim it.”

Laurence Fox is a British actor best known for his role as DS Hathaway in the popular British Detective series “Lewis.” He is now running for Mayor of London. Here is his campaign video. Brilliant, and the same could be said for any city here in Canada, any provincial government and especially our Federal Government.

“Nobody should say their last goodbyes to anybody on an IPad ever again.”

Right on.

Its my life: Convince yourself. It’s your life, don’t you forget.