Deliver Us…

I didn’t know that Joe Biden was in “Deliverance:”

Wow, can he ever play that banjo. Say it ain’t so Joe.



What? It took them three tries to vote?



Don’t worry about anything. That is the real cure for our anxious lives, especially during this pandemic. Follow the rules but do not worry about them. Don’t fight the guidelines. Just do it.

Not being able to travel is a 1st world problem you know.

Follow the WLR set of rules. Don’t Watch the news. Don’t Listen to News Talk Radio. Don’t Read the newspapers. Go for a walk and remember, if you have faith, that God is in control of everything. There is nothing you can do about it so why worry. Go for a walk. That is what I do and I have no worries at all.

I know it sounds contrite and foolish but for me it works. It will work for you.