Who Gives A Flying….

You know things are screwy when a house cleaning service pulls up in an $80,000 Mercedes SUV.

My house cleaner is talking about her stock portfolio. Time to bail.

The Toronto Star is also affectionately known as the Red Star of the Morning, Canadian Pravda.

CFL wants to merge with the Rock’s XFL. Say goodbye to the CFL. “Guys, 3 down football will not make it in the US. You have tried this before. It doesn’t work.” Perhaps a name change from the CFL to “Summer Slam” will work. It will bring in all those old grannies out there.

Without an injection, if Covid continues, the CFL will die.

I wish they would go back to the Corona Virus 24 vice Covid 19. Would that be cans or bottles? Coronus Virus 24 has a nice taste to it, don’t ya think?

Love this:

“It’s bad for both of us”: El Salvador president criticizes high level of immigration from Latin America to U.S.

“We have nobody to work the cocaine labs.” Boo Hoo.

Are we a fooked up society or what?

BREAKING: Former President of Drag Queen Story Hour Foundation and Children’s Court Judge Arrested on Seven Counts of Child Porn.

Roman’s was right.

Canada joins Britain, France in combatting cancel culture ‘coming from the United States’ Quebec is ticked off because it isn’t in French.

Y’know, Finland tried the Universal Basic Income Plan that all the socialists rave about, for 6 months but had to cancel it as they couldn’t find anyone to work the program.

Wonder how long this will last: David Foster 71 and new wife Katherine McPhee (I have lost count) welcome their new baby boy.

You know as we get older we lose patience and David you’re a grampy old man now. Give it a rest. I give this one less than a year. Foster’s alimony payments and child support payments are bigger than some country’s GDP.

America’s first couple:

a man wearing sunglasses and a hat: Instagram

You don’t say Beyonce: “I Just want to give a shout out to my child Blue Ivy.” She may have talent but Beyonce’s naming conventions suck. Poor kid.

There are two things that I love to do as they make me laugh out loud: reading the letters to the editor and watching the Grammy’s.

French dance duo Justice have sent a cease-and-desist notice to Justin Bieber over the singer’s upcoming album Justice and what they claim is its use of Justice’s trademarked “cross” logo.

There is no mention that the album sucks.

And finally this, from my: “This Is News Why?” file comes this latest bit of fluff.

Kim Kardashian Just Gushed Over This Candy That Fits Into Her Diet.

I think I will start a new file called: Who Gives A Flying F^%K File.

Speaking of sugar:

Did ya know that Andy Kim – from Montreal, sings this?