A year ago Trump was criticized to the hilt for referring to the Coronavirus as the Chinese Virus. Even though the virus originated from Wuhan China, he was branded a racist by the Liberal progressive media.

Flash forward one year to a Liberal progressive President:

On the NBC News variant tracker, readers can see states where variants, including the “U.K. variant,” the “Brazilian variant,” and the “South African variant,” are spreading.

Other outlets are also now reporting on a “California variant,” and “New York variant,” linking new mutations of the Chinese coronavirus with the location associated with their origin.

The new variant names can be seen across the entire corporate media landscape, used acceptedly without the allegation of racism attached by the leftist who made viral terminology about race in the first place.

It’s common practice, of course, to name new diseases after associated places or people. There’s the German Measles, West Nile Virus, Guinea Worm, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ross River Fever, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Valley Fever, Marburg Virus Disease, Norovirus, Zika Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Spanish Flu, Lassa Fever, and Legionnaire’s Disease, to a name few.

Hmmmm…………………………no comment.

Here’s a new one….Biophobia…the fear of being a biological male or female.

I am a Corona-phobian as I have the fear of catching Covid after drinking a case of Corona. A 24 vice a 19.

Have a beer Virus…er Iris.

I burned out my 8 track out playing Grand Funk’s “Red Album.” To a 19 / 20 year old driving a 1964 Impala this music was awesome. Drove from Toronto to Vancouver and back twice in that car back in 1971-listening to Grand Funk…loud.

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.