Canadian Leadership

Judeo Christian values be damned.

Our illustrious Prime Minister’s official Easter Greetings. No mention of Good Friday or the meaning of Easter…but Ramadan? When are we going to rid ourselves on this idiot.

To Muslims…


And to Christians….



And in BC….


Bonnie Henry is the Province of BC’s Chief Medical…”do as I say and not as I do…” Officer.

What would happen if everyone just stopped wearing a mask?

From Conrad Black:

Canadians should consider much more seriously than they have the implications of the charge against us and our forebears of genocide against Indigenous people – brought on by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It is the most heinous charge that can be made and there is no evidence whatsoever that any Canadian authority ever advocated or imposed any policy on Natives or anyone else that was designed to eliminate or shorten lives or truly eliminate their culture. As I’ve written here before, the Native victimhood industry, pushing on an open door and frequently incited and echoed by self-hating English- and French-Canadians, has propagated the implicit notion that the presence of the Europeans in Canada was an intrusion and occupation that was morally almost indistinguishable from Hitler and Stalin’s subjugation of Poland in 1939, though not as violent. The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples recommended in 1996 that approximately one-third of all of Canada be carved out and given to the sovereign rule of the four per cent of Canadians who qualify as Indigenous people, without any burden of taxation, to be sustained for all eternity by the taxpaying residents of this country. To call things by their rightful names, this would be national suicide.

Think of this quote:

“If we continue to cancel everything sooner than later we will have to cancel ourselves.”

Oh for those young and innocent days:

Kinks were a highly under-rated band.