Canadian Social, Socialist Republic

At the NDP national convention a motion was passed to nationalize all car manufacturers in Canada. As governments screw up everything they touch this will be the new Canadian automobile:

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or this beaut:

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Go for it Hazmat Singh


Oh and he wants to:

One motion pushes for “an end to the heroic commemoration” of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, and to remove his statues from public places. And to change our flag to include indigenous symbology and innovation, such as their version of the wheel:

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I’m outa here. This is not my Canada anymore if this happens. Then again the NDP will never exist as a government just as:

an end to all “trade and economic cooperation with illegal settlements in Israel-Palestine” and a suspension of arms sales to Israel until “Palestinian rights are upheld.”

Palestine has never existed ever as a country. So too will go Canada’s communist party, the NDP.

Other resolutions?:

The complete or partial defunding, disarming and disbanding of police forces in Canada.

Yeah, that will work.

Calls on the government to freeze military spending, while another proposes “the phasing out of the Canadian Armed Forces.”

I cannot believe that these delegates are educated people.

The construction of affordable housing on vacant federal lands.

Oh, like this:

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Yes but free satellite TV.

Just a partial list of NDP madness. Then again they can say whatever they want because they will never form a government.

Geesh, and my federal representative is a member of that party.

Canada’s new national anthem. Just insert Canada where appropriate:

Canadian madness.

We will look at Canada’s Liberal Party convention motions tomorrow. And the day after, the Conservatives, and after that the Greens. After all I am non partisan.