Canada’s Liberal-Speak

The Liberal Party of Canada just had their annual convention:

Liberals will debate proposals to create a network of high-speed rail lines across Canada, a green new deal for the country and a universal basic income at the party’s virtual convention this week.

This year’s policy resolutions run a wide spectrum, with resolutions on such issues as expanding rural rail…erm…internet access:
Canada is taking its lead on the rail line from New Zealand:See the source image
Oh Trudeau’s version of across Canada is across Quebec. or code for : this will never happen west of Cornwall under the Libs.
Raising old-age security payments: last time by $6.13 a month – not even enough to buy a 6 pack of beer in Canada. But heh, they can say they kept their promise.
A proposal to create “Canada’s green new deal” calls for a transition to a net-zero carbon economy with a plan implemented over the next decade to transform the country’s industry and infrastructure. The Libs are never creative stealing yet another concept from those dastardly Americans – particularly that US Dem rep Alexandria Occasionally Cortez but Generally Whacko: Code for: Raise taxes like crazy and never accomplish anything.
Another resolution from party members in Newfoundland and Labrador calls for the government to provide “meaningful retraining supports,” including replacing income and paying tuition, for workers from industries with high carbon emissions. Code for: let them learn code.
It also calls on the government to fund alternative energy sources like solar, wind and nuclear while also developing a hydrogen sector in Canada.See the source image

The hydrogen economy.

The Liberal caucus is sponsoring three resolutions, one that would have the government promote Canada as an “agricultural superpower” – giving the farmer what they want with their left hand then shafting them big time with their right.

And another that would bring in national standards on long-term care, something the party has pledged to do. Just like they did after SARS in 2003. How is that working for ya?

The caucus is also one of several sponsors on a resolution calling for the government to move towards setting up a basic income program. The resolution argues the move would save administration costs and help Canadians who need the support. Whoa, wait now. If you set up a basic income strategy then no one will want to work and if no one is working who is going to run that program. Just saying.
The great thing about the Liberals is that they know that over 65% of Canadians vote left, or progressive, so they can say anything that they want to entice Canadians to continue to vote for them then fall back on their promises and continue to tax, tax, tax with not a single dime going into any of the so called liberal pledges. Next big tax grab will be a “life tax” on a tax on the air that we breathe.
Next: The Conservative Party of Canada’s platform.