So Sad And Disturbing

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So you want to know just how fooked up a society the US (and Canada) have become?

They want to name schools after this guy:

The autopsy report found that George Floyd had meth, fentanyl, cannabinoids and morphine in his system when he died. Floyd was also COVID positive.

Black Lives Matter activist Maya Echols, who is also a signed model (not a role model) with IMG Worldwide, warned that “cities will burn” if Police Officer Derek Chauvin is not convicted in the death of drug addict and thief George Floyd.

Echols says, “All hell is going to break loose!”

Sooo, justice for all or guilty, guilty, guilty is a foregone conclusion in the US…if you are whitey.

Or…asking people to show an ID when voting is racist, racist, racist I tells ya.

Biden says we should look up to our athletes as heroes and role models.

See the source image

See the source image

Oakland Raiders National Anthem Kneeling (37444579735) (cropped).jpgyeah….role models.

Cases of youth anxiety, depression and suicides are skyrocketing. Then again they have their athletes as their role models.

And the Pusherman. Tombstones in their eyes…

The US is self imploding. Canada will follow suit.

Stay well clear of big city centres. They’re toxic