Wind energy a huge failure in Germany. They finally admit that. The greenies are all bent out of shape over that announcement.

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See? Woo Kim breaks putter and uses driver to put at Masters:


Unfortunately CNN used wrong photo of the Asian golfer. In their defence their producer was heard to remark:

“Well, they all look alike don’t they?”

From the Prince Philip playbook.

Follow the science means more government control.

During the whole pathetic episode of last year, people turned wildly against physical things. No sharing of pencils at the schools that would open. No salt and pepper shakers at tables because surely that’s where Covid lives. No more physical menus. They were replaced by QR codes. Your phone probably has Covid too but at least only you touched it. Covid was everywhere.

The demonization of surfaces and rooms stemmed not just from active imaginations; it was also recommended and even mandated by the CDC. It offered a huge page of instructions on the need constantly to fear, scrub, and fumigate. Well guess what? It was all BS in follow the science.

So much for the many billions spent on cleaning products, the employees and the time, and hysteria and frenzy, the rise of touchlessness, and gloves, the dousing of the whole world. The science apparently changed. Still it will be years before people get the news and act on it. Once the myths of surface transmission of a respiratory virus are unleashed, it will be hard to go back to normal.

Doesn’t matter. The majority of the sheeple will not believe it and will continue to wipe things down in fear of wiping themselves out.

Which one are you?

And yet Trudeau’s pandemic approval rating is soaring?

Go figure:

Check this out about Vaccine Passports

The good Canadian sheeple: Baaaaa…