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I’m going to DISNEYLAND:

The BBC’s diversity chief has claimed black actor Idris Elba’s TV detective Luther ‘isn’t black enough to be real’ because ‘he doesn’t have any black friends and doesn’t eat any Caribbean food’.

Perhaps Idris hates Caribbean food. Just sayin.

Pirates of the Caribbean, here I come.

Or Maybe AdventureLand:

Arctic sea ice grew 27 percent last year, the Canadian Department of Environment reported yesterday. The only problem is that the figures contradicted claims by then-Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna that the Arctic “is literally melting”

Or FutureLand:

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Bill Blair’s department is endorsing a legislated ban on universal criminal background checks as discriminatory to convicted felons. The proposal follows new research indicating the jobless rate for parolees is fifty percent: “Employer bias is a barrier that individuals with criminal records commonly encounter.”

Yet, to coach Little League Baseball or minor hockey for my two sons I have to have a criminal background check and a character reference examination.

Well I did promise transparency in our Government Trudeau said.

Liberal MP caught naked during a “zoom” call.

Its China’s fault.

Will Amos appeared in the nude on the screens of shocked lawmakers

At least he is from Quebec.

Geesh, only in Canada.

Even the UK and the EU have noticed how badly Canada has been run:
With respect to Canada, this from a UK Politician:‘ It would sound to me, like with the EU, there’s a lot of fake news in what he is saying. He (Trudeau) should butt out of UK affairs and concentrate on running his own country, which he doesn’t seem to be doing very well.’

Biden’s urban renewal project:

Biden’s International Renewal project

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